Get a look at the re-release of the Blind Dead films from Blue Underground.
Get nostalgic with this cult 80s film on Blu-ray!
Can you remember all the horror films we got in 2009?
Scream Factory brings Ginger Snaps to Blu-ray!
One year after listing 10 Blu-rays we wanted to see which ones have we gotten?
Motel Hell comes to a region A Blu-ray from Scream Factory!
See CURTAINS like you've never seen it before from Synapse!
It's time for another Purge, so it's time for another contest!!
OH MY DAMN!! It is Zombies DONT Podcast back again talking about ALL the news!
Spike TV cancels TNA's Impact TV show and won't renew!
Roy Burns is here thanks to NECA!
Cannibal Kitchen
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