So Much For A Hero: Liz Hunter (Wolf Creek)

Today we journey into the world of Wolf Creek where I don’t think anyone told our pal here that she was suppose to be the final girl. See what curve balls were tossed in this young ladies way as she pulls a bait and switch and let us all down while in some hell hole in Australia.

Meet Liz Hunter, Liz is a pretty British girl next door-ish looking young lady that decides to go on a trip to Wolf Creek in Australia with her also British friend Kristy. Along the way they pick up Ben from Sydney and away they go!

Now if you’ve watched a horror film, and I’m betting you have you’d notice Liz has everything going for her that a final girl usually does. She seems to be a little more conservative and smarter than her pals, also it kinda helps her case that the movie follows her mostly from the start of the film.

Long story short, the group arrives in Wolf Creek, hell breaks loose and they end up face to face with a mad man who first torments her pal Kristy before Liz makes the save..typical final girl stuff.

But unfortunately for Liz..she isn’t the final girl. See Liz is actually the first to go!! Shocking huh?? Just think how shocking it is when your watching the movie and she goes first!..I didn’t see it coming, and I think that was the point.

See if Liz and her friends are going to make it away, they need a car. Liz being the brave one that she is decides she’ll go get the the killer’s garage…yep.

Mick (the killer) shows up in the back seat of one of the car she tries to steal..don’t ask me how he knew which one she’d pick. He stabs her through the driver’s seat with a huge bowie knife. He then cuts off some of her fingers, then in the chilling end of the scene he severs her spinal cord (making what Mick calls “a head on a stick”).Now paralyzed from the neck down, Liz soon dies from blood loss…Leaving us with a final girl we are not only shocked to have but somewhat disappointed to have, her friend Kristy.

Guess you should have tried it on foot Liz! :(