Gums (1976)

Gums (1976)
Director: Robert J. Kaplan
Where to get it: MVD

This insane parody of JAWS features horny puppets, a man eating mermaid and a Nazi lunatic played by Brother Theodore who volunteers to capture the Mermaid for oil wells instead of money. Theodore has the “Captain Quint” role in this exercise in sea-going vulgarity. You must see this movie to believe it. Lots of underwater photography of the naked mermaid (Terri Hall) swimming around, but watch out for those lust-mad puppets! Composer Bard Fiedel would later go on to scoring music for The Terminator, True Lies and Johnny Mnemonic.

This is a bit of a wild one here, guys. It’s an X rated parody of JAWS and it’s pretty funny more or less. It’s a goofy story with some very goofy characters, but it’s not soo far off the radar with it’s comedy that it’s unwatchable. If anything, fans of the comedy parody will be right at home, maybe even more so than they are with today’s parody films. Of course it is an X rated film, so we have tons of sex and sexually driven things. But in one of the more comedic things the film brings, the stuff that would get a XXX rating are covered on screen with comedic comic book/batman style lettering across the screen. It adds in with the overall joke of the film. But those looking for REALLY raunchy stuff might be a little let down.

Of course we got to give kudos to the idea of a crazy mermaid with this type of fetish doing what she is doing here. It’s right out of the 70s and this film if nothing else does seem to fit the typical 70s theme and lifestyle. I wasn’t alive then, but from what I’ve heard this one pretty much sums it all up. Of course you can’t really take anything here all that seriously, but you aren’t supposed to. If you can just lay back and not pay attention to logic, you can get some fun out of this. But make sure you are a fan of the X rated genre before or you might end up a little offended as well.