A Look at the Bray Wyatt/Undertaker WWE Battlepack from Mattel Courtesy of Entertainment Earth

The contest to win a WWE Battle Pack of Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker from ENTERTAINMENT EARTH is still on-going here at Zombies DON’T Run! So in meantime let’s crack open this set and see what we are working with here.

First, before we open these you’ll see the usual Mattel WWE Battle Pack packaging! These two are paired together due to their feud that leads into WrestleMania 31, which The Undertaker won.

Here’s the back of the package and the other two sets of figures you can get in this series.

Out of the pack here’s a look at Bray Wyatt

I should point out that these are the old style basics which mean they still have movement at the biceps and the ankles.

Bray looks pretty good from the clothes side of things. I’m a little torn on the head can for this figure.

A side by side comparison of this figure and the first Bray figure Mattel made will show this is more or less a more detailed re-paint as far as outfits go. The new head scan might not look as much like Bray as the original but the original wasn’t perfect for this gimmick and might look more like Bray’s old gimmick of Husky Harris.

The tattoos look good but the old figure has more color mixed in with it.

The Undertaker is more American Bad Ass than Deadman, but that was the style he chose for the match so that is the accurate attire.

I think he has one of the best head scans I’ve seen in a while as this looks just like Taker.

Also, since Taker is nearly a 7-foot tall dude, I compared his figure with some others from what I think is the tallest Mattel figure (Andre the Giant) to the smallest (AJ Lee). You’ll see he’s right where he needs to be as I’ve added other figures of various size to the pic.

You also get a cool breakaway tombstone!

So a very nice set of figures from Mattel here thanks to Entertainment Earth! Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win these below!!

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