Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Taxi Driver Zombie Figure Review

Next up from Diamond Select Toy’s Ghostbusters line is the Taxi Driver Zombie! This is a pretty interesting figure because it gives us a full body look at a character that we had never actually seen the full body of. I’m guessing they went by some concept art for the design, but regardless it is here and it is in the “Select” packaging and looking all sorts of cool with a steering wheel and another big part of the building top that you’ll need 15 figures total to build fully.

I love the head sculpt for this figure and think it looks just like what it needs to look like. The only real issue you could find here would be how oddly proportioned this figure is. He has a long torso and it kind of stands out with the shorter legs and arms. He does have all the articulation that you’ve come to expect from Diamond Select, but he has issues standing due to his skinny bone foot that sort of unbalances with the shoe on the other foot. Besides that small issue, I do think this is a very well sculpted figure and might be one of the most accurate in the Ghostbuster’s line.