Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Terror Dog Review

Today we take a look at the Diamond Select Toys Ghosters Select line with The Terror Dog! The cool thing about these Ghostbusters figures is if you can collect all 15 they each come with a part of the building top/diorama from the end of Ghostbusters 2.

Terror Dog is a pretty big figure once you have it out of the pack. And don’t let the fact it’s a hellhound fool you, this figure comes with a great deal of articulation as well. I was pretty shocked by that, to be honest with you, but he is very posable.

It also comes with an extra pair of horns as well as a very cool peace to the plaza top, the holographic portion of it. While the Terror Dog would be a cool pickup on its own, that portion of the building might just prove to be the biggest selling point for most.


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