Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Deadpool Review

Deadpool is pretty in at the moment and this Diamond Select figure of him in the Marvel Select Line is something I’m sure a lot of people will find to be really cool, even if it might get a little competition from the Marvel Legends line.

Deadpool has his mask here, but there is a variant out there without one if you want to try to chase it down.

He’s a pretty big figure as well, as these figures will be a lot bigger than most figure lines or at least the DC ones out there. It is overall sculpted really well and has a lot of extras details on it, even a few guns you can remove and have him hold.

He has two swords you can place in his pack area as well for an even more badass look.

He also packs a gnarly looking machine gun and a building/sidewalk base that has some nice detail in it.

There’s a little lack in the movement from the arms as far as triceps rotating goes, but other than that you’ll find the usually cool moments in all the other areas of the figure.

Deadpool is a cool character and this figure looks cool, so it works out extremely well from Diamond Select!