Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Elektra Review

While I can’t say enough how much I enjoy Diamond Select figures and usually a Marvel Select figure is right on par with Marvel Legends, the one we’re talking about here today is a little different.

Elektra has always been a cool character with me as I’m a Daredevil fan, but the figure here of hers from Diamond Select makes some odd choices. First of all, she comes with very little articulation, which is odd for a Diamond Select figure.

Her head sculpture is great, as you can see. Nobody will be having an issue with how her head looks.

She has two sets of bottom halves that put her in either a spread-leg pose or another pose, but you can’t move her legs away from these poses. One comes with an extra stand to place her on when she has those legs on.

She has a different set of arms, but even her arms don’t have very much in the way of movement outside the parts you can disconnect to attach the others.

She does come with a nice mix of weapons.

She comes with a castle top you can actually open up and store the weapons in.


All in all, she looks good if you want to just stand her up, but she does lack all the movements that Diamond Select figure seems to always have, which is a bit odd.