I got the chance to crack open a Spider-Woman action figure from Diamond Select to review from the Marvel Select line! Which is cool because she looks cool, but I sadly didn’t know much about the character until I did some research after I did the video portion of this review. But kicking things off, let’s look at the package!

Out of the pack, you’ll notice she is a cool looking figure with a cool sculpt.

But she does have plastic wingers under her arms which hampers some of her movement that the arms have. these wings aren’t in the proto pic on the back of the package, so you can’t really make her do that out of the box.

She does have some hip joints which are cool since she can’t move at the waist. She has knee movements as well.

She comes with some fire you can hook to her arm.

She also comes with a cool bucket of something. Like I said, I’ve actually never had a Spider-Woman comic so I’m a bit limited on what her stuff is.

Her display is cool looking as you can see here and is pretty big.

she even comes with these Hydra agents you can display on it.

All in all, she is a cool figure, but I just wish her wings didn’t get in the way of a good arm pose. Also, it is a bit hard to get her on the display properly but once you’ve managed to do it she looks pretty cool.