Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Thor Review

While everyone loves the movie version of Thor, Diamond Select has given us the comic version in their Marvel Select line! The big guy looks the part well and we’re going to open it up and see how it all looks once free from the pack!

Thor looks awesome in his sculpt, but if I could change one thing about it I’d wish you could remove his helmet. Still, it looks really good regardless of that and I think it’s one of the best looking Thor’s I’ve seen.

Thor comes with a rock to stand on, which makes him look all the more Godly. I think it goes well with his all plastic cap if you want to display the big guy somewhere.

He, of course, comes with his mighty hammer.

if you want to move him around he’s got most the movement areas that most Diamond Select figures have, but like other Marvel Select ones I’ve seen his arm doesn’t have movement in his triceps area, but other than that you’ll find movement in all the usual places.

Thor is a really awesome figure from Diamond Select and while most people love the movie Thor these days, you can’t forget the old school one. This figure will help with remembering his origins.