Diamond Select Toys Netflix Daredevil Review

Here we have a look at the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Daredevil! This version is based on the Marvel Netflix series!

Like all select lines, this figure comes with the cool package that does pack a set that comes in two parts that can be put together for display purposes. The figure also comes with a display pole that connects with the stand or the display area that comes with him. You also get his sticks he fights with (that you can place on the figure) and an extra pair of hands to hold them, as his hands he comes with already attached are in a fist manner.

Like all Diamond Select action figures, this one packs lots of articulation. It also has a sculpt that looks just like Netflix’s Daredevil!

Also, as an added bonus this figure came with a flawless paint job with no errors anywhere to be seen!

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