A Look at Some Diamond Select A Nightmare Before Christmas Figures! (Review)

We got two different packs to open today and below you can either watch the video or read the review! Better yet, you can do both!

Up first we have Santa! Santa came to me in the Diamond Select package that allows for reclosing if opened just right. As you may notice in the pics Santa came with his hands out of his arms but they snapped back in without issue.

Out of the box, Santa comes in two parts that you can snap on to make his full Santa costume. He also comes with part of the town, a list and with an Elf who has a stand to help him stay up!

Under that, he has on some boxers as you can see here.

And his hat comes off!

About the only movement, you are getting out of Santa is his wrists and arms, but his arms move inward and outward, as well as around. Santa is mostly here for looks rather than action and I think they got that right.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel came in the “basic” Dimond Select package that makes it pretty much impossible to close back but they can still be packaged back in with some tape or glue. This type of package usually means the figures are cheaper than the resealable packages but won’t come without a big extra that comes with the other. Here with this one, you won’t get the bathtub they come with, but you’ll get the figures and the rest.

The rest here are these three masks. They are a bit too easy to fall off for my liking but are at least manageable for everyone but Barrel. He’s made so that it hooks to his nose but it just doesn’t work more times than not. They do come with a sucker but no hands are made for holding. My Lock figure also seems to have two right hands for some reason.

They look really good but some might try to argue the older NECA ones might be more of a proper look for the three, mainly with Shock. Outside of that, you can move them at the legs, arms, heads, and hands. They do, however, all come with stands to help them stand. They probably won’t stand well without them.

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