Today we are going to take a video and written look at the Mallrats Action Figure line from Diamond Select Toys! Each figure is 7 inches tall and comes in the awesome Select packaging which means more goodies with each figure!


First up we have Jay! Played by Jason Mewes, Jay looks just like who he’s supposed to look like and is sporting his clothes from the Mallrats film.

He comes with the Carpet Munchers display, which you have to prop against something to keep standing (all are like this).

He also comes with a baseball bat, an alternate hand, a bone, and a plan!

Jay bends in all the normal places such as the shoulder, elbow, wrist, legs, knee, and foot.

His clothes, however, does hamper his leg moments.


Kevin Smith’s own character Silent Bob looks like Smith did back in the day an dis probably overall my favorite figure of the set for looks and extras alone.

He comes with the Fashionable Girl display.

He also comes with such goodies as a toy train, VHS, alternate hands, grappling hook, and a “Batman” or Fatman style head.

It takes some muscle (which is good) to get the heads switched but the end results look really good!

Like Jay, his outfit does hamper his movement as you’ll easily get his arms moving but the rest can be an issue.

He still looks really cool standing with Jay for display.


Last we have Shannen Doherty’s character, Rene. Now, I overall dig the figure but I’m not sure she looks as close to Shannen as people would have liked. The rest of the figure’s looks are spot-on, just not the head.

She comes with the Fashionable Male display.

She also comes with two shopping packs and a purse. These things look really good with the figure. She also has the optical illusion display and a pair of drumsticks.

Due to her style of outfit, you’ll be able to pose her much more easily than the other two we have here. Legs, arms, hips, etc all most with ease for display.

All in all, I love Kevin Smith movies so I dug these as I’m sure any fan of Kevin Smith films will!

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