McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Action Figures (Negan & Dwight) (Review)

As much as I love zombies I actually didn’t have any Walking Dead figures until now. These were sent to me from Entertainment Earth for review and please click this text to check out their store. They have everything, not just these Walking Dead figures.

These are made by McFarlane Toys. I have a video and a written summary below going into detail on these. I will say up front that they aren’t the most articulative figures. They move in areas, but sometimes even those areas are blocked from movement by part of the figure’s clothes. That being said, they still look great and are great for posing on a shelf.

They both come in window boxes that can be reclosed with the figure inside of you open them right.


Dwight has the movements you see here. His arms, hands, legs, feet, ankles. He has movement at the waistline but his clothes block that movement. His head also moves a little from side to side. He comes with a bow and arrow, as well as a gun. You’ll definitely have to work that hand a bit to get the bow in there.

The head is perfect. I think the figures look great in general.


Negan has the same movements as Dwight in theory but his hip doesn’t move as well. His scarf also blocks the head movement and clothes blocks the waist. It is easier to get his bat in either of his hands.

But as you can see here, it will bend the bat.

This is his extra hand. This one is for holding while the other is more for pointing the bat.

The head sculpts as well as the figure sculpts in general looks great.

Remember to check out Entertainment Earth for more cool stuff!!