Pulp Fiction Series 1 from Diamond Select Toys (Review)

Diamond Select Toys has released series 1 of their new Pulp Fiction action figures! This is great for me because Pulp Fiction is my all-time favorite movie. Each figure stands about 7inches tall and was sculpted by Gentle Giant. Series 1 comes with Butch, Marsellus, and Jules.

Below you will find my review for the series in both written and video form….

Butch comes in that cool Diamond Select packaging that makes all my friends point out how awesome it is when we spot their stuff in the store. If removed carefully enough, you could possibly put each figure back in the package if removed.

Out of the box, Butch has very tight joints that ensure you won’t have any floppy body parts. He moves at the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, neck, waist, thigh, hip, knee, foot, and ankle. I’m not sure there is a pose from the film you couldn’t do with Butch but it also helps that he comes with a few props.

Butch comes with his signature sword that he used in the film to fight off the group of bad men at the pawn shop. You can make several cool poses with his sword.

Also, Butch has an extra hand. This hand in interchangeable with his right hand and actually has more of a grip on his sword. I guess one is for the sword and the other for times when you need to remind someone that pride is f***in with them.

Butch also comes with a piece of the sidewalk…More on that in a bit.

Butch also looks exactly like Bruce Willis who plays him in the film. Complete with male pattern baldness.

Marsellus also comes in the cool packaging with the character’s face very promptly displayed on the side of the box.

He has the very same points of articulation that Butch has and the joints are equally as tight out of the box.

He comes with a gun like all mob bosses need. It fits snuggly in his hand.

He also comes with the coffee that he has before Butch runs him over in the movie. The box shows him pretty easily holding it but I had some issues getting it in his hands. Of course, maybe I was doing it wrong and I was also one handed holding a camera.

Marsellus also comes with some sidewalk. Making it even cooler is how it connects with Butch’s part of the sidewalk as well. This makes for a fun display.

Finally, Marsellus looks exactly like actor Vin Rhames.

And, YES, he has the trademark bandaid on the back of his head like he does in the movie.

At last, we come to one of my favorite characters, Jules.

Jules also has the same exact movements as the other two, but I had a little bit of trouble getting him to stand on his display that comes with him. That could be due to his shoes or it could be because of all the stuff on the display base.

Speaking of the display, it is actually two parts that you can connect together to make it. It makes part of Brad’s apartment where Jules and Vincent go to get the case at the start of the film. The bullet holes are there on the wall as well from that classic scene.

That mysterious briefcase does come with Jules, but it doesn’t open, so the secret of what’s inside shall remain just that even in toy form.

Besides coming with his pistol, Jules also comes with a Big Kahuna Burger cup. Just in case he wants to wash his tasty burger down.

And of course, he also comes with that tasty burger. In whole and partly eaten form.

Jules looks just like Samuel L. Jackosn who plays him in the film, as you can see here. Great work all around on the head sculps.

All in all, I love series 1 of these Pulp Fiction figures from Diamond Select Toys and I’m sure you will as well.

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