3 New Releases From Synapse Films & Impulse Pictures For May 2015


Synapse Films and Impulse Pictures May 2015 New Releases

Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf
Label: Synapse Films

Pre-book: 04/14/2015 Streets: 05/12/2015
SRP: $24.95 UPC: 654930317198 Cat: SFD0148 Run Time: 95 minutes In English
Color Not Rated Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1 DTS-HD MA 5.1 Surround Region A
Production year: 2009 Genre: Action & Adventure
Director: Kurando Mitsutake
Cast: Kurando Mitsutake, Jeffrey James Lippold, Domiziano Arcangeli, Megan Hallin


After losing his eyesight, his wife, and his daughter at the hands of a deranged psychopath, a man is transformed into an unstoppable killing machine hellbent on revenge! Eight years after the massacre of his family, the “Blind Wolf” has returned as a highly trained swordsman ready to seek justice. But he doesn’t know seven deadly (and even undead) assassins have been hired by his sworn enemy to make sure he doesn’t leave town alive!

Set in nowhere and in no time, SAMURAI AVENGER: THE BLIND WOLF is a bloody sushi-western and a modern day action film with a classic samurai essence.

Bonus Features:

  • Audio Commentary
  • Behind-the-Scenes Footage
  • Blooper Reel
  • Theatrical Trailer


42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 10
Label: Impulse Pictures

Pre-book: 04/14/2015 Streets: 05/12/2015
SRP: $24.95 UPC: 654930106594 Cat: IMP0065 Run Time: 114 minutes In English
Color Not Rated Full Screen 1.33:1 Dolby Digital Mono Region 0
Production years: 1970s-1980s
Genre: Erotica
Director: Various
Cast: Vanessa del Rio, Leslie Winston, Susan Nero, Jessie St. James


Their place in history is undeniable. Hardcore 8mm stag films introduced explicit human sexuality to the public. Predating every other moving picture home format, these inauspicious productions provided not only a window to a whole other world, but also immediate relief for those not fortunate enough to make their fantasies into reality. Thousands of these underground movies were made between the 1960s and 1980s, and sold in the back of sex magazines or distributed to the almost 60,000 private “peep show” booths located in adult stores in most major cities. Impulse Pictures is proud to present 42ND STREET FOREVER® – THE PEEP SHOW COLLECTION VOL. 10, a new, continuing series of salacious 8mm shorts, re-mastered from original film prints.

This collection features fifteen classic “loops” with titles like “Blond Bombshell”, “Private Nurse”, “Hot Lez Love”, “All Day Suckers”, “Anally Yours” and more. Watch for adult film stars Vanessa Del Rio, Leslie Winston, Susan Nero and Jessie St. James in these raunchy rarities!

Bonus Features:

  • Liner Notes from Cinema Sewer Editor, Robin Bougie

Snow Honeys
Label: Impulse Pictures

Pre-book: 04/14/2015 Streets: 05/12/2015
SRP: $24.95 UPC: 654930106693 Cat: IMP0066 Run Time: 75 minutes In English
Color Not Rated Full Screen 1.33:1 Dolby Digital Mono Region 0
Production year: 1983 Genre: Erotica
Director: Adele Robbins (aka Joseph F. Robertson)
Cast: Seka, John Leslie, Kandi Barbour, Vanessa del Rio


At an unnamed ski resort, Ken Starbuck and Kara walk to their private cabin and complain that the filmmakers are only giving them $10 up front to do this film, as they introduce us to the steamiest sex scenes of the early eighties. Full of odd and hilarious overdubbing, this feature is a series of hot vignettes with your porn star favorites. Watch for “Super Rod” (they aren’t kidding) and “Lois Canal” in a hilarious spoof of Superman that gets beeped whenever they mention the comic character names!

A man comes back from a trip to have sex with his girlfriend on a really ugly couch. In a fantasy scene, a “dirty old man” and another foxy lady get amorous while being overdubbed with hilarious French accents. In a scene from “Sweet Cheeks”, two lesbian lovers burn up the screen on a fuzzy rug in front of a cozy fireplace. In one of the oddest scenes in adult film history, we watch three folks get crazy while completely covered in grease (set to calliope music, of course). Seka get a montage of sexual antics with many, many of her best friends, and there’s even a 3-way slow motion jam set to crazy classical music!

SNOW HONEYS is a hot, sexy adult film, featuring scenes with all your favorite adult film stars. Watch for Seka, Rhonda Jo Petty, Vanessa del Rio,
Kandi Barbour, Desiree Cousteau and Becky Savage!

Bonus Features:

  • Chapter Selections
  • Reversible Cover Art