Basket Case – The Trilogy Special Edition Blu-ray and DVD Released 22 October 2012

 ‘Like Eraserhead updated for the slasher generation, a deranged psychodrama, full of gleefully gory set-pieces and quirky humour’

Following the huge success of The Return Of The Living Dead, Second Sight Films now bring the wonderfully warped Basket Case – The Trilogy to special edition Blu-ray and DVD.

One of the essential repeat rentals for any self-respecting horror fan in the early 1980s, Frank Henenlotter’s cult classic Basket Case and the gloriously psychotic sequels it spawned are collected together in one of the most twisted and enjoyable horror trilogies ever made.

This bumper release will hit the streets on 22 October 2012 as a limited edition three-disc steelbook and special edition DVD, complete with newly commissioned bonus material produced by bonus feature specialists Severin Films.