Fat Kids To Be In Danger In New Horror Film (With Your Help)

In the continuous world of horror we often get the same thing over and over and over again. Due to this repetitive process it is always good to see things come along that is a lot different than the norm. BDHR Entertainment seems to want to change that process and add a little creativity into the mix and with their next project they look to get off the grown it appears that they will do just that.


We’ve had Woodchipper Massacres, Texas Chainsaw Massacres, Slumber Party Massacres, and even Sorority House Massacres. Brandon Sites and the gang over at BDHR Entertainment hopes to now give you a Fat Kid Massacre! From what I have seen going by the short version of the film now on the Indigogo page that could be a pretty fun experience.


Have you ever heard it said that people that talk bad about you when you lose what they call “too much weight” is only doing so because it makes them feel bad about themselves? Well this seems to take that concept and put it on display is a more humorous fashion. Of course I could be getting too deep there, but the overall idea is still pretty cool. In the short version we see a group of larger guys who seem to have it in for their former pal who has taken better care of himself and looks to be in great shape. Their terrorizing of this guy results in them paying the price. And they pay the price in a manner that doesn’t as much use weapons and gore but food against them in clever and funny ways. Like I said before, it is very different and that is a good thing.


If you’d like to see this made into a full length film you can go to their INDIEGOGO page where you can not only see the entre short version of the film but donate to make sure it happens. Rewards are there for donations $13 and up! But hurry because perks for some donation amounts can be limited. Below you will find what it has to say on the page about this movie..


“They can’t outrun TERROR!”   

Fat KID MASSACRE is a touching coming of age story that revolves around a former fat kid who got muscular and good looking, but who struggles with identity issues as his former friends – THE FAT KIDS – bully him on a constant basis. As a cruel prank is set into motion, a killer arrives on the scene to make sure these fat kids pay for their glutony and unhealthy lifestyle, including death by Twinkie suffociation!

Above is a short film version we shot for next to nothing to give you a little sneak preview of what we could possibly do with the feature length version. I think it has the right balance of being funny & serious.

FAT KID MASSACRE will star such horror faves as:

-SHAWN C. PHILLIPS (Syfy’s Haunted High – aired 8/26/12)


-RYAN SANDEFUR (Truth or Dare – 2013 & Urban Legends)

-KAYLEE WILLIAMS (Slices of Life, Porkchop: The Movie 2)

-ALEY KREINZ (Legacy of the Masque)

-The short film version was directed by actor turned director/producer Joseph D. Durbin (Deadlands 2: Trapped)

In addition to a variety of creative ways to kill off fat kids involving various kinds of food (including Twinkies), we will feature plenty of tits, ass & “Extracurricular Activities” in the bedroom (and maybe even a little full frontal nudity?!?). At BDHR Entertainment, we will never make a PG-13 rated horror film. Our films will ALWAYS be rated R or an NC-17.

What We Need & What You Get

Right now we have $5,760 in the bank from private investors, but in order to get this movie made, we have it budgeted at $17K. Since we are dealing with a film like FAT KID MASSACRE, our craft services budget is going to be through the roof cause I can tell you as one fat kid to another, I can eat a whole lot of damn food.

But no really, in all seriousness, we have 11 lead roles and it costs money to feed, lodge and transport all these people. Plus we would need the money for special effects, hair & makeup people, equipment rentals, location fees, post production, etc. We are filming this at a fraction of what a film of this scope would cost.

Our cool perks for helping bring our vision to the screen include screeners, a one of a kind portrait from Patrick Young, Skype time with Ryan Sandefur or a photography session and ohhh so much more!

The Impact

In 2012, we produced two feature length horror films (Urban Legends & Truth or Dare) and one short film (Fat Kid Massacre: The Short Film Version). We get movies made. When we set out to do something, we do it!

Why Fat Kid Massacre? Ask yourself this? Aren’t you tired of horror film remakes or the exact same film over and over again? Well here we are, right now, trying to do something different that hasn’t been done before. At BDHR Entertainment, we are trying to make original films. But we can’t do it without you! Even if it is only $1 – $5, every single dollar counts. Without cool people like yourself contributing to this campaign, this film will never get made. Help us as we try to bring unique, original films to the horror marketplace.

Other Ways You Can Help

Share this link repeatedly over and over again. Blog about it on your site. Give us a shout out to your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Send out an e-mail to the people in your contacts. Whatever it takes to help spread the word about this film.