More On Lumberjacked! The Interactive Phone App Movie Game

Any fan of horror knows the frustration of watching movie characters make incredibly bad decisions. No matter how much the viewer yells at the screen, that guy is always going to go down the dark staircase, check to see what’s hiding in the closet or try to escape in a car with a dead engine, with the same fatal results. The person watching will inevitably say “I would never do that.” Now Scallywag Entertainment is giving the viewer a chance to put that statement to the test.

LUMBERJACKED is an interactive choose your own adventure style horror film that puts the viewer in the driver’s seat. Playable on the iPhone, iPad and iTouch with more platforms down the line, the film will allow the person watching to determine the story’s outcome.

Filmed primarily in first person, the viewer will be thrust in the middle of the action, running for life from a crazed blind ax wielding lumberjack named Jacques Laracroix. At critical moments in the action, the screen will freeze, forcing the player to make a decision. Head for a light at the end of the trail? Fight Jacques off with a weapon? The viewer will have to choose wisely or face disastrous consequences.

The producers of the project say they are placing an emphasis on the storyline. “Even though it’s going to play like a game, we still want to deliver a full feature film experience.” says director and co-writer Michael B. Clark. “We’re looking to create the next boogeyman. There’s a whole backstory on how old Jacques Laracroix ended up in the woods hunting his victims.”

To help flesh out the new killer, Scallywag cast UFC and WWF champion Dan “The Beast” Severn in the role of Jacques Laracroix. Severn learned of the project from a friend and contacted Scallywag expressing interest. “We couldn’t believe our luck,” says co-writer Steve Gast. “He’s a UFC legend with a million fans all over the globe, so of course we said yes.”

Rounding out the crew is Hollywood make up artist Dan Phillps, recently back from working on Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” and before that “Oz, The Great and The Powerful”, as well as the app developer company Future Help Designs, winner of Corp Magazine’s 2012 DiSciTech award.

“We’ve put together a great team,” says Gast. “Now it all comes down to raising the funds. Filmmaking and game development are both expensive to produce. We’ve combined them into one ambitious project with a huge budget.”

To that end, Scallywag Entertainment is launching a fundraising campaign on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Following the recent massive success of campaigns for game companies such as DoubleFine and inExile (“Wasteland 2”), Scallywag hopes to capitalize on the growing trend of fan funding. “Kickstarter is a great way to make a creative project without interference from outside investors.” says Clark. “It gives the artist the freedom to create the project how they envisioned it. It also is a great platform to connect with the fanbase.”

To learn more about the project, go to Lumberjacked Kickstarter page.