Terrifying Thriller “Jackals” Makes Blu-ray and DVD Debut October 3rd, 2017 from Scream Factory

 “A brutal thrill-ride – Jackals goes for the jugular” Heather Wixson, Daily Dead



Intense Psychological Thriller Available on Blu-ray and DVD

October 3rd, 2017 from Scream Factory and TAP Inc.


From director Kevin Greutert (Saw 3D: The Final Chapter) and  producer Tommy Alastra (Sunset Strip) comes a disturbing vision of a fractured family that will do anything to get the son they love back from the unspeakable evil that has taken control of his mind. A potent blend of the horror, thriller and home-invasion genres, Jackals makes its Blu-ray and DVD debut on October 3rd, 2017 from Scream Factory. The release also includes a commentary with director Kevin Greutert and writer Jared Rivet, interviews with the cast and crew and the original theatrical trailers as bonus features. Fans can pre-order their copies now by visiting ShoutFactory.com


When Justin Powell (Ben Sullivan) is captured by two ski-masked men and dragged back to a secluded cabin, it’s anything but a standard kidnapping. Waiting for Justin at the cabin is his father (Johnathon Schaech, That Thing You Do!), mother (Deborah Kara Unger, Crash, Silent Hill), brother (Nick Roux), and former girlfriend (Chelsea Ricketts). Together, they are dedicated to freeing him from the sinister brainwashing he’s undergone at the hands of a vicious cult known as The Jackals.


With the help of Jimmy Levine (Stephen Dorff, Blade), an experienced cult deprogrammer, the family does their best to bring Justin back to reality … but their plans go awry when the cult descends upon the cabin, demanding Justin back. A vicious battle unfolds, testing familial loyalties and unleashing a bloodbath from which no one is safe.


Jackals Bonus Features

  • Commentary with director Kevin Greutert and writer Jared Rivet
  • Interviews with the cast and crew
  • Original theatrical trailers