The next big thing in the world of streaming is PowFolio!


It’s not Netflix, it’s not Hulu… The next big thing in the world of streaming is PowFolio!

Smart phones and tablets are the way of the future – television, cinema and novels have all made their way onto your phones, and comics are next!

PowFolio is the technology bringing thousands of comics to the palm of your hand. Through one app, users can now stream thousands of comics, graphic novels and manga to their phone or tablet 100% free!

Think Netflix for graphic novels – PowFolio is the future of comics and we have your opportunity to review the app now.

PowFolio is free to download at the App Store or Google Play. Please find link to download and review below:
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PowFolio is a new, state-of-the-art comic book app that offers users instant access to tens of thousands of comics, all in the palm of their hands and totally free!

The ultra-high quality, super fast comic reader boasts over 10,000 free comics, graphic novels and manga currently available, with hundreds of new books being added daily. Publishers include IMAGE, ARCANA, ANTARCTIC PRESS, HEROIC PUBLISHING and many more!

Available now for iOS and Android, PowFolio allows readers to experience high-quality comics at faster speeds than ever before.

With the streaming reader technology, users never have to worry about PowFolio comics being a resource hog. Other comics apps fill up hard drive space, but PowFolio’s fast-streaming, high-res technology means readers can enjoy as many comics as they want, from some of their favorite publishers, without worrying about space!
The vast Library holds something for all readers:

  • Modern graphic novels and critically acclaimed comics, including fan favorites TwoKinds , Marry Me, The Legends of Isis, The Sensational G-Girl, and a huge selection of superheroes including the popular Luthor Strode!
  • Massive selection of Golden Age comics, including the original Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family series, classic Plastic Man and The Green Hornet, Will Eisner’s The Spirit, horror, love,  westerns, and more!
  • Fun kids comics for the whole family, including the elf adventures of Knightingail, the movie tie-in Magika, the joy of Alice in Wonderland, the fun-filled adventures of Pixies, and the classic kid-heroing of SuperMouse!

Features include:

  • New comics released every day! There is always something new to read.
  • Automatically tracks your progress as you read, and allows you to tag your favorites for easy access at any time!
  • Easy-to-use interface to find what you’re searching for and even discover new favorites!
  • Chat features to interact in real time with fans around the world.

Powfolio Comics is totally free to download and use, and is available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play. See why the app has an average 5 star user rating!

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