Three New Vinegar Syndrome Releases For April


A vicious serial killer is stalking the streets of New York City, murdering Times Square massage girls in a variety of brutal ways. It’s up to a rogue detective team to solve the case as the body count continues to rise! Chock full of over the top sex and violence and complete with a high speed car chase through Manhattan, MASSAGE PARLOR MURDERS is an exploitation film lover’s dream movie. Featuring performances from Sandra Peabody (Last House on the Left), Chris Jordan (Deep Throat 2), Brother Theodore (The ‘Burbs), and George Dzundza (The Deer Hunter) in one of his earliest appearances!
Directors: Chester Fox & Alex Stevens
1972 / Color / 80 minutes / 1.85:1

Features Include:
+ Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack | Region Free | 1.85:1 AR | MONO
+ Restored in 2K from original camera negative
+ Original theatrical trailer + alternate MASSAGE PARLOR HOOKERS trailer
+ Rare outtakes
+ Special edition lab card
+ Extensive historical liner notes


Two early exploitation gems which prove that even before the golden age of the grindhouse, cinematic sleaze could still pack a nasty wallop.

Anatomy of a Psycho (1960)
In this early exploitation classic, the brother of a convicted murder set to be executed
takes revenge against the people he believes were responsible for his brother’s demise.
Director: Boris Petroff
80 minutes / Black & White / AR: 1.37:1

The Lonely Sex (1959)
In an odd blending of psychodrama, thriller and light sexploitation, a lonely outcast kidnaps a young woman and holds her hostage in a rural shack while a violent peeping tom goes about his daily routine.
Director: Richard Hillard
57 minutes / Black & White / AR: 1.37:1

Features Include:
+ Dual Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 4:3 Standard | 1.37:1 AR | MONO
+ 2k scan from 35mm theatrical prints


Two sexploitation shockers packed with thrilling action, sensuous romance, and a bevy of beautiful starlets who do everything to please!

The Suckers (1972)
Lost for years, this sex filled version of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME has finally been found! A group of thrill-seekers are caught in a web of sex and violence as they fight for their lives while being hunted by a group of madmen.
Director: Arthur Byrd
80 minutes / Color / AR: 1.85:1

The Love Garden (1971)
A love triangle unfolds between a young writer, obsessed with his beautiful neighbor who, unbeknownst to him, is involved in a lesbian relationship.
Director: Mark Haggard
70 minutes / Color / AR: 1.37:1

Features Include:
+ Dual Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic & 4:3 Standard | 1.85:1 & 1.37:1 AR | MONO
+ 2k scan from 35mm theatrical prints