January 30, 2017 – From the sweet, sweaty world of Full Moon’s erotic fantasy film studio Surrender Cinema comes the latest entry in their popular VIRGIN HUNTERS franchise, VIRGIN HUNTERS 3: AGENTS OF PASSION.  Strap in (and on!) for a tidal wave of wet and wild, flesh-fueled thrills in the hottest intergalactic girl-on-girl adventure the screen has ever seen!

Incorporating characters from both the VIRGIN HUNTERS and classic FEMALIEN films, VIRGIN HUNTERS 3: AGENTS OF PASSION takes place years after Trina, the Femalien (adult film star Dru Berrymore) has inspired the Sexual Liberation of Planet Earth and has in turn become a kind of origiastic oracle, educating the mating masses on the glories of uninhibited carnal pleasure. Accepting this role of Erotic Ambassador, Trina  – along with her two nubile assistants – commands the newly formed “Bureau of Virgin Affairs”, investigating emerging sexual behaviors…the more deviant, the better.

Armed with a magical, futuristic bed that allows you to see  people having sex and a slew of salacious alien sex toys and joined by her pair of underlings who like to stay on top of things (and each other), it should come as no surprise that Trina has got a very big job on her very sticky hands.

With the horniness of humanity hanging (and humping) in the balance, VIRGIN HUNTERS 3: AGENTS OF PASSION is a free-fall into hot sex and cheeky humor. (Muff) dive in!

VIRGIN HUNTERS 3: AGENTS OF PASSION is available on Special Edition DVD on February 14, for rental or purchase on the Full Moon Amazon Channel and via Full Moon Streaming beginning January 31.