You MAY Lose FX and Redbox Learned Nothing From Netflix

I’m not sure if you guys have heard the news yet, but if you have DirecTV you will probably be losing all Fox Network Channels on November 1st. You see the two sides had an agreement that expired on September 30th, and now it’s a real life game of chicken in regards to negotiations to see who will move first. Now I had this reality set in when I realized I probably won’t be getting to see UFC’s big debut on Fox, but for those of you who read this site, you may find a lot of hardship coming from this disaster as well.

Fox Networks includes FX, National Geographic Channel, 19 regional sports networks, Fox Movie Channel, Speed, Fuel TV, Fox Soccer and Fox Deportes. Fox broadcast stations and Fox News Channel are not involved in the negotiations. Your local Fox stations may also be safe, but look at the big picture here. You won’t be getting FX. What does that mean? That means you won’t be seeing the end of American Horror Story this season (at least not in a legal way). It also means no Sons of Anarchy, no It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and other shows I’m sure some of you or a lot of you like. Plus, who knows when this will be over.

This same thing happened with DirecTV and VS once, it was ugly, and it lasted a lot longer than it should have. So unless something major happens before the deadline, we may end up being the victims here and missing a whole hell of a lot of stuff we’d rather not miss. And of course this all comes down to one thing my Everybody wants it and nobody can get enough of it.

Speaking of money, did you know that Redbox is raising it’s prices? That’s right, you will no longer be able to walk to that corner and pay $1 for a movie. You will now be forced to pay $1.20 for whatever movie you want. Now that is only 20 cents more, but it’s still a price raise and people are still highly pissed off about it. And you had to figure this was coming, after all we do remember the big fuss about Netflix’s mind boggling methods, right?

Redbox themselves are now saying that last summer’s Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill deserves part of the blame. The new law will cut those fees on Coinstar’s debit gift cards. In order to cover this new cost imposed by Congress, Coinstar will pass it on to its customers by charging more for its Redbox DVD rental service. Still, people aren’t just thinking, “WOW! That’s only a 20% increase!”, they are pissed it went up, they don’t care how much.

How will this all play out? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.