80stees.com is Now Selling NES Pro Wrestling Themed T-Shirts!

What would you say if I told you that the greatest NES wrestling game that was ever released wasn’t a WWF (now WWE) game? Nor was it even a WCW game? Sure, both had their own NES games. WWF’s original WrestleMania is probably one of the worst wrestling games ever made, but the best wrestling game for the NES wasn’t licensed by any real fed. It was simple called “PRO WRESTLING” and was released by Nintendo for the Nintendo in 1987.

Pro Wrestling American NES Box Art

It was pretty basic stuff, but it managed to at least capture the legit wrestling feel with its 6 characters. One of the coolest things about the game was the cover. A cover that didn’t feature really anyone from the game on the cover. I mean, heck, even the ref was different.


80stees.com is a site I’ve talked about before, but they now have this awesome t-shirt with the cover of the game on it. Having one myself, I can promise you this isn’t a cheap rip-off like you’d find at some local flea market. This is officially licensed Nintendo stuff here! The shirt is soft and comfortable with the cover of the classic game on the front and it really pops off the shirt in the best way possible.


I dig it so much I even recorded my last week of youtube movie reviews in it! As you can see here in my review of the new Return of the Living Dead Blu-ray review.

I’m sure if you are a fan of the game, then you also know the awesome “A Winner Is You” quote that comes from the name. Well, 80stees.com also has a shirt for that as well!


Either way you choose..or if you click around and find other stuff, you can’t go wrong.