Fake Demons: A Look at the Unofficial Sequels to Demons


We all love Demons, or at least if we don’t we should! Heck, most of us even like Demons 2. These movie by Lamberto Bava and produced by Dario Argento are full of 80s Italian fun, with a bit of an American flavor sprinkled on top. So, we know Demons from 1985 and Demons 2 from 1986 are legit sequels, but it is after these that things get really messy…


So what is the legit Demons 3? Well, the news that I think every horror fan is probably aware of is that there is no legit Demons 3. Still these movies make somewhat a case for it..


The Ogre (1988)
If you own the Shriek Show DVD of 1988’s The Ogre, then you will notice the cover actually says DEMONS III at the top with The Ogre at the bottom. It is directed by Lamberto Bava and it was very well released in some places as Demons 3. If you’ve seen this movie, then you realize this has nothing to do with Demons besides the fact they have the same director. This film is nowhere in the same class as the original two Demons films.


The Church (1989)
Perhaps the very best case for being a legit Demons sequel is Michele Soavi’s The Church. This movie, which is also produced by Dario Argento, started out as a legit sequel to the original two films. Some still consider it Demons 3, even with nothing else really here to connect the films. If you break everything down, it might make the best case. Still, it is slow and lacks the spirit of the original two.


Black Demons (1991)
Oddly enough, Black Demons was originally titled Dèmoni 3. This one comes by way of Umberto Lenzi and tells a tail of former slaves that make up a group of zombies raised by a voodoo curse to take revenge. Again, the movie has nothing at all to do with the Demons movies, but somehow due to the original title it was released under, it tricks the most folks into believing it is a legit sequel..Which it isn’t.


Making things all the more strange and totally Italian is the fact that the fun with the fake Demons sequels doesn’t just stop with the can of worms that is part 3. There was a series of movies released under the Demons banner and as you could guess, some have little to nothing to even do with demons in general, much less Demons the movie.


The Devil’s Daughter (1991)
Our pal Michele Soavi is back and he once again has Dario Argento producing. You might make a case it COULD be a very loose sequel to The Church, which had the case of maybe being a loose sequel to Demons 2. Other than that, it is all just pure Italian “grab on to what has already worked and try to pass it along as a sequel” type stuff here. Clearly it isn’t Demons 4 by any stretch of the imagination.


The Mask of the Demon (1989)
Lamberto Bava has another film in the game here, this one was titled in some areas as Demons 5: The Devil’s Veil. So how it is Demons 5 if it was technically released before what was released as Demons 4 in some places? That might be due to some folks counting it as a legit follow-up to The Orge AND The Church.


The Black Cat (1989)
Luigi Cozzi’s take on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat was released under the alternative title Demons 6: De Profundis. The story does have a resurrected witch in it, but to call it Demons 6 would be a stretch. Maybe not as much of a stretch as all the rest however.


Cemetery Man (1994)
I think Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamore) is perhaps the best film to be named here outside of the first two Demons movies. It is directed by Michele Soavi, who might have gotten this one in the Demons mix purely based on the idea that basically every movie he’s made since The Church got the Demons name tossed on it. This one had the alternative title of Demons ’95, but rest a sure this one had no trouble standing on its own.