Horror Predictions for 2013!

Unlike many who do the same thing online that I do with horror and movies, I have never said I was an expert or a know it all. That still being the case, I never have seen anything wrong with trying to make a well educated guess on predicting things. So as 2012 quickly comes to its end, I think now is a good time for me to fire up my homemade crystal ball (or in the case of horror a skull) and see if I can’t predict some things that will happen with the genre in 2013. Now remember, folks, I’m no shady 1-800 number type psychic here, I’m just a horror fan. I could be wrong about every single prediction I made here…but that doesn’t mean I will be for certain.


A New Friday the 13th Film Will At Least Be Announced

It has been too long since we’ve checked in with Jason at Crystal Lake. Friday the 13th was the trend setter for franchises like SAW and Paranormal Activity that try to have a film out every year. In the entire decade of the 80s, only three years went by without a trip to Crystal Lake, only two since the release of the first in 1981. While 2009’s remake wasn’t the hit everyone had hoped for, I think enough time has passed to try again. I don’t care of it is in the snow, a found footage style attempt, or another remake, I just want another film. And don’t worry, Adam Green won’t direct it since he doesn’t need to try to make a real Friday the 13th film since he made his own and just called it Hatchet.


Texas Chainsaw 3D Will Be Average at Best

Maybe it’s because they felt the need to remove “massacre” from the title? It is hard to say why none of the news or trailers for the next Texas Chainsaw film has made me excited. Unlike the great deal of you out there, I actually didn’t hate the remake that we got in the early 2000s. From what I’ve heard this is more a sequel to the original, but even if so we have seen that before and the results were a disaster. While I won’t go as far as to say it won’t be any good at all, I just don’t see this one popping much more than a 6/7 when I see it and rank it.


Scream Factory Will Hit Its Peak

2012 has been the honey moon period with Scream Factory and it seemingly never ending announcements and releases. 2013 will bring us such gems as The Burning on Blu-ray, so it is safe to say that with The Burning, Day of the Dead, and other awesome titles coming out we will all love Scream Factory in 2013. If nothing else, it may be OUR Arrow for us American based fans of the genre. But those big titles do run pretty pricey for Scream Factory to release and for some titles like Day of the Dead will most be willingly to buy yet ANOTHER copy? Regardless, next year will be sweet and glorious for us all when it comes to Scream Factory, but as things roll along the going may get a little rough for this horror fan’s dream come true during the latter part of 2014 and beyond.


Paranormal Activity 5 Will Be So Bad They Take a Break In 2014

It took eight films before SAW decided it was time to “end the franchise”. As Paranormal Activity sets to release its fifth film in 2013, we can’t help but remember that the last two haven’t been that great and the last one barely missed my top 10 worst of list for this year. The series seems content with leaving little in the way of clarification and answers in regards to a lot we’ve done saw. I think I’d be fair to say most are getting a little tired of the format and if something new comes along to catch the mainstream fan’s eye this whole franchise could head into even more of a nosedive. I will go out on a limb now and say that I believe Paranormal Activity 5 will suck. And I also believe a lot of people will feel the same way about it when they see it. The results of this in 2013 will be the worst opening day for the franchise yet, and it might be soo bad that we don’t have Paranormal Activity 6 in 2014.


A New SAW Film Will Go into Production

I never believed for a moment that the final chapter of SAW was going to really be the final SAW film. This is horror we are talking about, stuff goes on a hiatus but it will never truly end until we are all blown away by an asteroid, Jesus returns, or we end up nuking each other. That being the case, I think enough time has went by that SAW people have already got the plot to the next couple films already spinning around in their heads. I don’t know if we end up seeing a SAW film in 2013, but I would be my right arm that production will at least begin on the next one if not.


The Evil Dead Remake Won’t Suck

No I didn’t write this with a 105 degree fever, I actually think it will be good. I hate remakes as much as the next snobby film reviewer who grew up loving the horror films of the 80s, but I also don’t second guess Sam Raimi. The original Evil Dead was a film that legit frightened me when I was a kid and I watch it at least once a year now. Sam Raimi knows how to do horror and I don’t think he’d allow his film to be remade without his proper input and blessing. Look at the facts, guys. Bruce Campbell isn’t a spring chicken anymore and Evil Dead 4 would never have been able to live up to the years of want and hype. At least with this we get a clean slate of sorts. Don’t be shocked if this ends up making a few best ofs at the end of 2013.


Ryan Nicholson Will Finally Ship The Hanger: Colostomy Bag Edition DVD..Maybe

I didn’t end up ordering one of these bad boys, but I have good friends that did and they have yet to get their copies of this. When it was announced that these would be shipped in October I almost got one. Since then I have heard of the man saying they would ship on different days only for them to never show up and then finally silence. So what happens? Well, one would think that Ryan Nicholson would have the sense not to piss off what fan base he might have so I’d hope these would arrive to all who ordered one of the limited 111 that were made. Trust is something you never want to lose in your paying audience. Ryan Nicholson may want to remember that as he goes into 2013. It’s one thing never to actually send bloggers the films you tell them you’re going to send them, which Ryan has a history of doing. It’s a whole other can of worms when you never deliver the good to the PAYING customer.


German Hardboxes and VHS Will Be Even More of Craze for Collectors

Limited VHS releases have come or are coming from indie labels such as SRS Cinema, Massacre Video, and even Drafthouse pictures. I think 2013 will feature much more VHS releases of certain titles as VHS continues to be the vinyl for the more hip horror fans. If you’ve never heard of a German Hardbox (Which is usually produced in Germany), the style of release was done in America in 2012, as Massacre Video gave us 555 in the stylish Hardbox style. And while it’s just the DVD in a different type of case, it is still a way of releasing a film that is becoming for sought after by collectors. If you aren’t familiar with it now, you will be by the end of 2013.


Less Old Stuff and More New Stuff from Anchor Bay

Well this one should fall under the “duh” category. As Anchor Bay moves more and more away from the company that use to give us limited releases in tins, VHS, and other multi-disc sets, to a company that mostly makes its own films now. This is of course due to the involvement of Stars, which isn’t all a bad thing. It just means we get less and less old titles tossed to us in re-dips and more remakes or perhaps sequels. I know they can’t keep tossing Evil Dead at us in Super-SUPER Editions, but I do wish they still did more stuff like the tins ect. But in year 2013 it will become even clearer that those days are gone and are never coming back.


People Will Panic about the Chances of Blue Underground Going Under

It has been a while now since Blue Underground even gave us old titles in Blu-ray formats. Which even that had its perks. I still remember when Blue Underground gave us titles like Maniac, Torso, Zombie, and House by the Cemetery all on Blu-ray not far apart from one another. Since we’ve only gotten double dips on Blu of Zombie and Maniac and new multi-packs of old titles on DVDs. What is going on over at Blue Underground? Where are new titles or at least new Blu-rays? One quick look at their official site before posting this shows only a new 4 disc Jess Franco set in April as the only real new item to come from them in 2013. Is there going to be light at the end of the tunnel for Blue Underground in 2013? The speculation will surely begin.


Troma Will Have a Very Good Year (For Troma Standards)

Now let us not lose our heads over this one. I’m not saying that Troma will ever become a mainstream thing in 2013, but they will at least make some pretty good movies thanks to their apparent relationship with Stars that may or may not have anything to do with Anchor Bay. The Stars brand is helping with the making of the new Nuke ‘Em High and that means Troma actually has some money to use for the good of their own business. If we are to believe rumors, Troma has apparently had a rougher than normal time as of late. I think Troma will have a good 2013 and be able to hold their head above water for a change..or they get bought by Stars all together. But that is another story for another time.


Halloween 3 or At Least another Halloween Film Will Start Filming

The last thing I see in my magical Crystal Skull of the future is Michael Myes running wild in Haddonfield on Halloween again. Does this mean we finally get a Halloween 3 that follows the previous Rob Zombie offering? Or does this mean we reboot/reload and deliver another take that will probably get a title like Halloween 3D? It is really hard to say, but 2013 will more than likely be the year that all the old iconic franchises get life put back in them. Halloween is just waiting for the right person to take the reins and deliver. 2013 could very well be the year we see that happen.