A Look at THREE New VHS from Alternative Cinema!

Over at alternativecinema.com, you can now purchase three new but very limited VHS tapes! The tapes are Pyscho Kickboxer, Babysitter Massacre, and Easter Sunday! Below you will find a picture of the release as well as a review for each film…

Easter Sunday (2014)
Directed By: Jeremy Todd Morehead
Starring: Robert Z’Dar, Jeremy Todd Morehead, Ari Lehman

It’s been 24 years since the serial killer Douglas Fisher was executed on Easter night. This year, a group partying teenagers not only raise some hell but literally raise the dead.

With Easter Sunday we have another retro style slasher! This time around it is one based on Easter and has a demonic man with a bunny mask running around doing the killing. Written and directed by Jeremy Todd Morehead Easter Sunday comes across as a bit of a Troma-style movie with lots of jokes and such going on along with the killing. It is also a bit heavy on the digital effects which sort of count effects the retro look and feel. We didn’t see CGI blood and such back in the day, so it’s a bit of a let-down when you see something with a retro look and feel go that route. I admit I liked what Easter Sunday was offering up, but I also think it comes with more than a few scenes that seem to go too long or be there just to pad things out a bit. It might not be that bad at times when the jokes are hitting but when they miss (and they do at times here) it can make the movie really feel like it’s dragging out a bit too long.

We do get to see some horror/cult legends in this like Robert Z’Dar and Ari Lehman. I found Z’Dar’s role to be pretty funny and it works the best. They also do something with the character at the end that I thought was pretty hilarious as well. I like slasher movies more than I do just about any horror sub-genre out there. Because of that, I’m really happy to see films like Easter Sunday being made. This one gives us what we want with a noticeable killer slashing his way through a group of folks. Of course, this isn’t the 80’s and it’s easier to point out the flaws now than it was back then because we don’t have that full nostalgia factor. That being said, I liked Easter Sunday enough but I didn’t love it. I think it is a movie that will mostly just appeal to people who love slasher flicks but might be hard at times for some to watch due to the overall goofiness for folks who aren’t as into this sort of stuff.

Psycho Kickboxer (1997)
Directed By: David Haycox and Mardy South
Starring: Joan Collins, Peter Cushing, Ralph Richardson

Starring 5-Time World Kickboxing Champ CURTIS BUSH! Left for dead after the brutal murder of his father and fiancée, up-and-coming kickboxer Alex Hunter embarks on an odyssey of vengeance. Coached by a wheelchair-bound Vietnam Vet, Alex is transformed into an avenging streetfighter – a one-man vigilante and skull-crushing killing machine known as The Dark Angel. Using controlled fury and a hunger for revenge to seek retribution against low-life criminal scum, Alex must elude a beautiful journalist eager to unveil his identify while destroying an army of inner-city assassins.

Let us not sit here and try to fool ourselves into thinking that Psycho Kickboxer (formerly The Dark Angel:Psycho Kickboxer) isn’t the star of this one, two punch here. The movie’s poster is front and center on the box and the photo is also the main menu screen. This movie gets top billing and rightfully so! Let us also not try to ignore the fact that this film is totally bat crap crazy! Yes, the movie does indeed pack some of the worst acting you have ever seen this side of porn. It also packs some awesome gore along the way as well that we can’t at all ignore. If you want a good laugh and something that might be along those weird lines of “So bad it is good” you could take into account this film as exhibit A.

Of course, that isn’t to say that it will be everyone’s cup of tea either. The movie still fills like it overstays its welcome from time to time and unless there is action on screen or a head being blown off the bad acting doesn’t really do anyone any good. The film has its charm, believe me when I say that. The film also has negatives that are hard to overlook all the same. The acting is funny, there isn’t anyone here who will be winning any awards, but when you see heads flying and blood gushing it does get a bit hard to dislike something, especially something that is like this.

Babysitter Massacre (2013)
Directed By: Henrique Couto
Starring: Erin R. Ryan, Marylee Osborne, Haley Madison
Rated: UR/Region: 0/16×9/Number of disc: 1
Available from Independent Entertainment

Years ago, on Halloween night, a group of childhood friends watched in horror as a member of their Babysitter Club was abducted by a masked stranger. Now, haunted by their tragic past, the young women plan a bittersweet reunion before heading off to college. But on that night, a sinister guest brings chaos and fear as one-by-one the women are stalked, mutilated and murdered…is the killer a specter from the past, or is there a new Babysitter Club Killer?

Babysitter Massacre might not mean to adopt many of the original Massacre movies pros and cons outside of name connection only, but I found this movie to have a lot of the same style as Sorority House Massacre 2. Here, we have about as much nudity as anyone who likes looking at naked women could want, and while there was an attempt to make real characters I still didn’t find myself really connected to any of them. While not bad overall, it just seems like a T & A driven slasher film with a lot of torture porn methods tossed in. We do get a nice body count and some gore added in for good measure and that helps.

Henrique Couto is a very emotional director and there was certainly scenes where you could tell he was trying to put some raw emotion into the film, it is just hard to do that one moment then see the girl prancing around naked the next and still find any real connection. There was a reason final girls got their rep back in the day. More times than not they had the emotional baggage and stayed dressed. If you want people to really care what happens to a character it is best not to prance them around naked. The old massacre movies gave us T and A and little in the way of a reason to care about the characters. That was done for a reason and the reason is shown here. Still probably a better watch than such things as the original Sorority House Massacre and certainly Slumber Party Massacre 3.