Silent Night Deadly Night Scream Factory Collector’s Edition vs Anchor Bay 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Comparison

I’ve reviewed Silent Night, Deadly Night a million times on this site because it is one of my all-time favorite movies. Now, I plan to dive into the Scream Factory release for another review with the extras and such, but for now, I wanted to do a quick transfer comparison to the old Anchor Bay Blu-ray that everyone seemed to hate. But before I show the shots I want to say a few things before so you can all be the judge for yourself…

  • I think the new Scream Factory one has much better color and pulls much more detail out of the print as it should.
  • There seems to be more grain in it, especially early on but I don’t mind that.
  • The movie still uses the video source for the cut stuff in the unrated version but seems to have made an attempt to at least make those parts look better. They still look better in some parts more so than others.
  • Despite both versions having the same unrated running time of 85 minutes on the back of the boxes, they didn’t match up to the exact point on the time I took the screenshots on the Scream Factory version to then trying to capture the exact same time on the Anchor Bay disc. It might be just the amount of time it takes the film opening credits to start on each that makes the time difference, but it isn’t much of a difference and I’m pretty sure neither has anything different scene wise that the other one doesn’t.
  • All that being said, the comparison shots aren’t at the exact time most the time but you should still see enough of the same shot to be able to see any differences quality wise.

Scream Factory on the top/Anchor Bay on the bottom