Taking a Look at The Jasons New Release “Get Sued”

On Friday the 13th The Jasons dropped a new punk rock album called “Get Sued”. Why is it called “Get Sued”? Well, it just so happens to be a collection of match-up songs with music from The Ramones and lyrics from The Misfits. If you are a big fan of either this will probably make you want to cheer for joy or find these mongoloids and try to kick their asses! Just remember, these are The Jasons from Crystal Lake so virgins need not apply because you already know how that is going to go.

This is the 4th album from this group of mongoloids and it is by far their most risk-taking and creative one yet. But they have stepped a little out of their comfort zone of singing about the goings on at Crystal Lake for an epic punk rock mashup.

So, if you are keeping track at home this means we’ve seen their self-titled release, their Stalk and Slash Summer, we’ve seen them “Get F****d”, and now Get Sued. And who’s to say with a package and release like this, they might actually get sued!!

You can order this album and all of the rest (plus a lot of other cool stuff) at http://thejasons.bigcartel.com

Where all the other Jasons releases came in just a fold this time around the band went all-in for a digipack release! There is only art on the front, but inside is all pimped out with a track listing and a pic of the band behind the case.

Here’s a close look at the cool disc art. If you take a close look at the cover and the disc you’ll notice some very familiar things.

If you like punk rock or are a fan of anything the Jasons have done before I’m sure you’ll dig this experimental album of sorts from them. All the Friday the 13th references are missed a bit but you can’t fault the band for trying something new.

While it is a solid disc from song 1 to song 10, I do think the song “Last Semetery” which mixes up The Misfits “Last Caress” with The Ramones “Pet Semetery” is perhaps the best example of what this album has going on.