The Ballad of the WWE 3.5-Inch “Dollar” Store Figures

Way back in 2013 I had decided to make a very adult decision, I decided I was going to once again collect wrestling figures. Oddly enough what got me back into it wasn’t the proper Mattel WWE line (even if I did go back to those), it was these strange 3.5-inch figures that you could only get at Dollar General and Family Dollar.

Oddly enough, the not so “dollar” price is probably what sunk the link. These things usually were priced at $6 at the Dollar General or $5 at Family Dollar when they were probably a $4 figure at best. I don’t they sold all that well but they managed to make at least three or four series of them before the clock ran out on them.

I myself tried to get all of them but came up short. Here’s a picture I took back in 2013 when I got the first of these figures.

Oddly enough I was pretty excited. They reminded me a lot of the WCW Galoob line from the 90’s, but they had head and waist movement. Had these been 5 inches like the WCW ones I feel they would have done a lot better and probably could have gotten away with the price they had on them.

While the line did consist of re-paints of a lot of figures, here’s my list of every figure I think was created in the line.

John Cena (Two different styles)
CM Punk
The Undertaker
The Big Show
The Rock
Daniel Bryan
Alberto Del Rio
Brodus Clay
Rey Misterio
Randy Orton
Sin Cara
Dolph Ziggler
Mark Henry (Only a prototype as this figure was never released)

Sin Cara was extremely hard to find, but I think the hardest to get might have actually been Ziggler and Ryback who were released just before this line ended.

Here are the ones I managed to snag for myself before it ended. The CM Punk I actually found at a flea market last weekend.

Here are pictures I found online of most of the other figures.

I don’t know why, but I liked these darn things and kind of wish they would bring them back. While the Hasbro style Retro line seems to be all the talk for Mattel these days and with good reason, I kind of wish they’d give something along these line of these another shot. Until then, I’m still going to try to get the rest of these.