When The Hell Did Rowdy Roddy Piper Get His Own G.I.Joe? (Updated 1/17/14)

from 11/13/10 – updated 01/17/13

I think anyone that reads this site here knows I’m not just a horror fan, I like wrestling and I also like stuff like G.I. Joe! And, today is one of those rare days when I can add it all together. This brings me back to the title of this post, when the hell did “Rowdy” Roddy Piper get his own G.I. Joe figure??

Now G.I. Joe isn’t a stranger to having not just celebrities (Football player William “The Refrigerator” Perry to name one) but pro wrestlers as G.I. Joe characters. After all, they had Sgt.Slaughter as apart of the toy-line for YEARS, but I was taken buy surprise to learn that pro wrestler and star of the classic They Live!, Roddy Piper, got his own G.I. Joe and has had his own toy from the line since 2007.

The figure it self isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s still cool because it’s Piper. As it turns out, it was an exclusive at the 2007 convention. This is of course meaning it’s extremely rare, or rare enough none the less. Taken a page from his famous villain ways in pro wrestling (most noticeably as the constant thorn in Hulk Hogan’s side during the boom period of wrestling in the 80’s) Piper comes sporting his famous kilt and of course you’d figure he’d be a member of Cobra! I don’t think Piper himself would have had that any other way.

Now I know I’m knocking at the door of 28 years of age (31 now with the update), but I had to look into owning one of these myself. My search took me to eBay where you can own it mint on the card for the “low low” price of $499.99 plus $10 shipping and handling…Sooo yeeeah…never mind! Still a cool figure though!

Here’s some other cool G.I. Joe releases

William ‘The Fridge’ Perry



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Also now since this post has been updated, you also get stars like Bruce Willis, The Rock, RZA, and others in classic Joe roles in toy form thanks to the movies.