Who Should Direct The New Halloween Movie?: Adam Wingard or Mike Flanagan?

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Unless you’ve been in a coma this week, I suppose you’ve heard the news by now that Blumhouse and Trancas International Films are teaming up for a new Halloween movie with John Carpenter returning to produce the darn thing for the first time since Halloween III. He is also supposed to score the film as well. Ignoring the idea of the last time Mr. Carpenter returned to produce a classic of his, this is still some pretty big news.

Soon after this news the word came from Bloody Disgusting that everyone was in talks with Mike Flanagan (Hush, Oculus) to direct. And then soon after they said that Adam Wingard (The Guest, You’re Next) was also in talks or at least going by some Tweets had tossed his name out there. Now, this brings into question just who would be best for the job or making the next Halloween? All we really know about it so far is it isn’t supposed to be just another reboot, which I find to be a very good thing as I don’t think I need Michael Myers origin take 3.


With Mike Flanagan, you’d get a director that might be the most capable of making something that captures the mood and the tone of the original. We’ve basically seen him do something close to that recently with Hush. I’m sure he could not only give us a very familiar feeling Halloween but give us a very good one as well. I’ll give credit to where it is due and I’m a fan of Flanagan overall. He’s probably the most likely choice anyway knowing his history and relationship with Blumhouse. If he gets the gig it won’t be a bad thing really, but I kinda like the second option they seem to have a bit more.


I’ve been a fan of Adam Wingard since Home Sick. In a lot of ways coming from a film like Home Sick and working his way up to You’re Next and The Guest, Adam has proven just how creative and good he is. He also knows his way around a camera and can not only give you the shots you’d expect with a Halloween movie going back to its roots but he could also really shine brightly on the most creative side of things. I know they will do what they are going to do, it’s their call and this is really only just one blogger’s opinion. But just thinking of what an Adam Wingard Halloween could be like excites even more so for a movie I’m already excited about.

What do you guys think? Should it be Adam Wingard, Mike Flanagan, or someone else?

I wonder what Quentin Tarantino is doing these days?