Oh Snap! Karate Kid Tri-Action Action Figures!!

I do believe I was one of the strongest protesters against the remake of The Karate Kid. I also believe when all was said and done I was the only man alive who held strong to his vow never to watch that peace of junk! And why might you ask? Because I LOVE The Karate Kid, it’s one of the most fondest memories of my childhood and I will never watch a remake to it..unless Katy Perry ever asked me to watch it with her, or someone really hot, then and only then would I make an exception!

But let keep the great original Karate Kid in mind today with a look back at these little babies from 1986!

That my friend isn’t just an action figure, that’s a Karate Kid Tri-Action Action Figure which meant they did THREE things..However one thing is just turn from side to side but in the 80’s that was a big deal! Hell we played with giant rubber wrestling action figures that didn’t move! So hell yeah bring on the TRI-Action!!

To my knowledge (and bare with me I was three) there were two sets of these. All of which came with the same figures just on different colored packaging with one being purple and the other red. I have no idea which was hardest to get, but since all mine had purple I’d say it was the red. However you should keep in mind the only difference was the cloths on the action figure. All however did break boards and stuff which was cool. So now, with the history out of the way just who was there to pick from??

Well looky here we have the leader of the Cobra Kai Johnny! Or can we really call him the “leader”? None the less this young man wasn’t just smoking in the boys room for part 1, he was kicking Daniel’s ass! Of course this was because Daniel was stealing his woman but we leave that detail out.

Make no mistake about it folks, this bad ass right here was the HNIC (head ninja in charge) of the Cobra Kai! Kreese, aka Mr. No Mercy!! Sweep the Leg!! And smack the crap out of the kids when they didn’t get the job done! Kreese was a bad bad man alright. Well, he was until he ran across a little Asian man.

Hey! Now we’ve moved on to the mofos from part 2! And what do we have here? None other than player hater #1 Soto! This man couldn’t handle the pimp that is one Mr.Miyagi and he holds one hell of a grudge! However as we see later in the films he lightens up when Miyagi proves he is THE man.

And now it’s Soto’s nephew Chozen! Probably the toughest challenge Daniel ever had (we’ll ignore part 3 the toyline sure did, not that much there was there anyway) and we can never forget how this kid was rebellious to the end! I actually had this toy when I was a kid and I loved pulling the whole “Live or Die?” thing with it!..I know, I know..I was a weird kid.

Hey look everybody it’s Daniel!! The kid that when I was a kid I rooted for but since I’ve gotten older I tend to be a little annoyed by, but it’s okay! Daniel always came out on top no matter how bad of an ass kicking he ever got. He also seemed to go through women like hotcakes..Not sure what that says about him. Sure he always got a new one, but he always lost her when the sequel came around.

Make not mistakes about it kids Mr.Miyagi was THE man and a damn pimp! He kicked ass and did it all without breaking a sweat! This was the toy I went searching for as a kid and I had a hell of a time finding it. I mean it’s understandable after all, everyone wanted Miyagi, more so than they did Daniel.

Hmmm…that’s it?? What!!?? No Bobby?? How could they leave out the single most complex character in the whole series?? One moment Bobby rooted on the torment of Daniel and the next he seemed a little uneasy with it. Why the hell couldn’t we have a Bobby to be as conflicted with when we played with them??

But that’s not the total end of it. They did have play sets! Like the “China town” (or Karate Castle or something like that). You can see that one in the picture above at the top of the post. That one just so happened to come with Ninjas. They also had Soto’s Cannery (his WHAT??) as well. But the best of the three was the very one I owned…

The Competition Center!! That’s right folks the arena from the tournament in part 1! It also came with a no-name ref and a booklet of tournament brackets! This was awesome and I played with it until I ran out of brackets 🙁 I was too lazy to just simply make my own…Ah..glory days!