1983 Memphis Wrestling Video Yearbook (2016) (DVD Review)

1983 Memphis Wrestling Video Yearbook (2016) (DVD Review)
Directed By: James Michaels, Rock Parsons
Starring: Jerry Lawler, Stan Hansen, Austin Idol
Rated: UR/Region: 1/1:33/Number of discs: 1 (DVD-r)
Available from JDAT Sports

1983 Memphis Wrestling Video Yearbook – action packed 12 big matches, title matches, midgets, even a bunkhouse match. Feuds and so much more !!! Jerry Lawler, Austin Idol, Stan Hansen, The Moondogs, Bobby Eaton, Nick Bochwinkle, Bill Dundee, Jimmy Hart, Jim Cornette, Bobby Fulton, and many more….

If you are a fan of wrestling you’ve probably heard all about the Memphis area and how the promotions “world” title would switch hands weekly at times and how Jerry “The King” Lawler (probably the most famous Tennessee wrestler ever) was like a 52 time World Champion. Well with this DVD series we can go back and watch some classic wrestling and re-live the “Memphis Style”. This is the Wrestling Video Magazine and this is The Memphis Wrestling Video Yearbook 1983 Vol. 2. There’s a whole bunch of matches and other things on here but oddly enough a lot of the people on the cover of this DVD and the back of this DVD like Andre the Giant and The Rock-n-Roll Express aren’t even on the program we see. Also, while every other DVD I have in this series is on a pressed disc, this one seems to be a DVD-r. The footage here also looks to be VHS quality at best. It looks like it was taken from a tape that was recorded from someone’s TV on Saturday morning when this stuff aired. None the less, here’s a rundown of what’s on here with a match rating for the matches and other stuff if a note on it is needed.

– * indicates the match ratings. * or less would be a very bad match while ***** would clearly be a classic.

* Drian Street, Apocalypse, Jesse Barr vs King Cobra, Bill Dundee, Jacques Rougeau (**) Oddly enough, this is some form of two fall match. Not a two out of three but a two fall only. This happens again at least once more with a match on this DVD.

* Lone Eagle vs Tiny Tom (* 1/2)

* Jim Cornette, Jesse Barr, Dutch Mantell Interview (This basically just sets up the next match)

* Jesse Barr vs Dutch Mantell (**)

* Jacques Rougeau & Terry Taylor vs Bobby Eaton & Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko B. Ware) (***)

* Bill Dundee vs Apocalypse (*)

* Bruise Brothers, Ace of Spades, Bobby Eaton vs Duke Meyers, Terry Taylor, Carl Fergie, Mad Dog Steve, Bobby Fulton (**)

* Bill Dundee & Terry Taylor vs Apocalypse & Adrian Street (** 1/2) Missing Original Audio for most the match

* The next block of the disc shows three Jerry Lawler vs Nick Bockwinkle matches for the AWA World Title, but all are clipped to where not much is left. In between that, you do get a Lawler promo, as well as a music video which I should note, has very copyright music on it that I’m sure the people who made the DVD didn’t clear. Cool stuff none the less, but I wish it was the full matches.

* Fabulous Ones Music Video also with very copyright music as well as an interview setting up the next match

* Fabulous Ones vs The Moondogs (Street Fight) (***)

* Austin Idol vs Stan Hansen (Bunkhouse Match) (** 1/2)