1987 Memphis Wrestling TV Yearbook Volume 4 (2017) (DVD Review)

1987 Memphis Wrestling TV Yearbook Volume 4 (2017) (DVD Review)
Directed By: James Michaels
Starring: Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler, Koko Ware, Bam Bam Bigelow
Rated: UR/Region: 1/1:33/Number of discs: 1
Available from JDAT Sports

Well, we’re once again here in Memphis but this time it’s 1987 and we’re at Vol 4 of the Memphis Wrestling Video Year Book. This time, however, this disc isn’t a DVD-r, which I consider a good thing. The bad thing is the quality is still a bit bad and over into the VHS area, but I can live with it. 1987 has a lot of Down Town Bruno in it, which is a manager I have never cared for. I didn’t even like him when he was Harvey Wipplemen in the WWF. But on a plus side, he’s also managing Bad Company who was a very underrated tag team and we get one of their classic matches with The Midnight Rockers here, who are of course The Rockers and have Shawn Michaels as a member of the team.

There isn’t a whole lot of Jerry Lawler this time around, but I’m sure other volumes of this year have The King all over them. The one time we do get him in a match here it is a good one at least. This DVD says on the front it has a total of 16 matches, which is good. It would have been a lot better if a lot of the matches weren’t quick one-sided squash matches.

– * indicates the match ratings. * or less would be a very bad match while ***** would clearly be a classic.

* Chick Donavan vs Koko Ware (**1/2)

* Mr.Shima & Mr.Helo (w/Tojo) vs Jerry Garmen & Benny Trailer (*1/2)

* Earthquake Ferris vs Ed Mattox (*) This match is another squash, but does have a man called Big Bubba Brawl with Ferris after. This “Bubba” would go on to the WWF and become Tugboat/Typhoon.

* Promo with Johnathan Boyd manager of The Sheepherders (aka The Bushwackers) aimed at The Fabolous Ones. This set up some strange match that we never see.

* Johnathan Boyd vs The Patriot (Not the one everyone Remembers) (*1/2)

* The Hunter (w/Bambi) vs John Paul (*1/2)

* Billy Travis & Mark Starr vs Jack Hart & Moondog Spot (**1/2)

* Promo with Down Town Bruno and Moondog Spot.

* Lord Humongous (w/ Austin Idol) vs The Patriot (-)

* Phil Hickerson & Mr.Shima vs Billy Travis & Mark Star (***)

* Promo with Hector Guerrero & Manny Fernandez that has them feed some random fan a hot pepper. This leads into Hector Guerrero & Manny Fernandez vs The Nasty Boys (**) This then leads to a fight with Bill Dundee after with the two.

* Promo with Down Town Bruno and Bad Company. This leads to Bad Company vs Billy Travis & Mark Starr (**1/2)

* A repeat of the Bruno/Moondog Spot interview plays again for some reason here.

* Jeff Jarrett vs Moondog Spot (w/ Bruno) (***)

* Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs Bad Company (w/ Bruno) with Moondog Spot as the Special Guest Ref (**1/2)

* Jeff Jarrett & Bill Dundee vs Bad Company (w/ Bruno) (**1/2)

* Bad Company (w/ Bruno) vs The Rockers (***)

* Jerry Lawler & Bam Bam Bigelow vs Tommy Rich & Austin Idol (***)