5 Films 5 Years – Volume #1 (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray Review)

5 Films 5 Years – Volume #1 (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray Review)
Rated: UR/Region O/1080p/Number of Discs 2
Available from Vinegar Syndrome Limited edition of 2,500 units

Vinegar Syndrome did something really cool here in honor of their 5th year. They’ve made two sets of 5 films on each on a limited to 2,5000 copies in a way to honor their anniversary. These are all movies that didn’t get Blu-ray releases before, so that also makes them VERY cool. While I will be saying a little more about each movie below, I will point out that this is the “erotic” set they released, so we may have a few “dirty” pics and such in the review. That being said, let’s take a look at what each disc in this release packs.

Disc 1

Dixie Ray Hollywood Star (1983)
Directed By: Anthony Spinelli
Starring: Lisa De Leeuw, John Leslie, Juliet Anderson, Veronica Hart

Anthony Spinelli’s suspenseful tribute to 40s noir follows the daily grind of a jaded private detective who’s been hired to solve the blackmailing of a famous movie starlet, but quickly realizes that he’s putting not only his career, but his life in jeopardy.

A real plot!! Holy crap! We are starting off this collection of porn flicks with one that has a real honest to goodness plot in the mix of all the other stuff. Now, that doesn’t mean it lets the plot get in the way of a good time to bring sex into the mix, but it does seem to be a real movie with just sexual stuff mixed into it rather than the other way around. The movie also has acting legend Cameron Mitchell in it. But fear not, he’s not actually getting sexual and had no idea that he was making a porno until the sex stuff was added in without his knowledge. He just thought he was making an R-rated movie. Still, the movie is pretty solid and about 15 minutes shy of being a two-hour movie. I think that’s why it shares a disc with one other movie here. For what it is, it really isn’t that bad.

Ribald Tales of Canterbury (1985)
Directed By: Bud Lee
Starring: Hyapatia Lee, Karen Summer, Colleen Brennan, Jon Martin

Director Bud Lee’s lavish adaptation of Chaucer’s classic tome stars the ravishing Hyapatia Lee and presents a plethora of these notorious tales in ways no previous film had ever dared.

I know, I know. If you are watching these movies you probably aren’t looking for anything with a plot, but this one has a bit of a plot regardless and it still might be my least favorite of the bunch. Now that isn’t me saying that the porn side of things aren’t on the level because if I was a tried and true smut journalist I’d surely have to tell you that it is. I’m not sure the setting and such does much for me overall, but still, at the end of the day we have hot women doing hot things and you never really can go wrong with that.

Disc 2

Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls (1978)
Directed By: Bob Chinn
Starring: Desiree Cousteau, John Holmes, Candida Royalle, Paul Thomas

Director Bob Chinn’s madcap comedy, and arguably one of the films most synonymous with 70s hardcore, PIZZA GIRLS revolves around the daily goings on at an innocent seeming pizza parlor, where the secret toppings invite untold sexual fantasies.

If Hooters was a pizza place and you could get more there than just beer and wings (if you know what I mean) it would be the real-life plot of Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls. This movie that kicks off disc two of this set stars porn legend John Holmes as he runs a pizza delivery place that has all the people making the deliveries just so happen to be hot women and they don’t just deliver pizza (if you know what I mean). So, “deliveries” come and go, the ladies are watched and stalked by a creeper, and it is basically what you’d expect it to be and it’s pretty darn fun and so wild you can’t help but have a good time while watching it. If I had to pick a favorite from this whole set it would probably be this one.

Prisoner of Paradise (1980)
Directed By: Bob Chinn
Starring: John Holmes, Seka, Jade Wong, Mai Lin, Gail Palmer

Chinn’s brazenly absurd blending of war saga and darkly humorous Nazisploitation finds a US Naval officer (John Holmes) stranded on a tropical island, in the midst of WWII, forced to face off with a fiendish SS vixen (Seka)!

We once again have a film with John Holmes here, this time more as the lead than in the last movie. This is also a movie that seems to be tossing a bunch of stuff against the wall to see what sticks. It manages, however, to come up with more of a plot than most porns you’ll see do and in the meantime, we have Holmes still doing what he’s known for by way of flashbacks and what have you. You know, it’s a porn, so it does what you figure a porn will do. But at the same time, I can really respect the effort of a plot here, even if the end results is a Hines 57 of a film. Also, for what it’s worth, I think this movie made me a fan of Mai Lin.

Too Naughty to Say No (1984)
Directed By: Suze Randall
Starring: Angel, Ginger Lynn, Bunny Bleu, Harry Reems, Eric Edwards

Suze Randall and Victor Nye’s colorful New Wave updating of the works of the Marquis DeSade chronicles the exploits of two beautiful Catholic schoolgirls who find themselves whisked off to a world of perverse sexual delights.

The second disc has three movies on it and the last of the three is this one, Too Naughty to Say No. Now all three of these movies are shorter than your average film and all three look nice on the disc. I know all of these are packed with porn legends but this one has Ginger Lynn who might be more popular than most. She and her friend are schoolgirls and as you can imagine that opens the door for lots of interesting things. The plot here gets set off by one of our girls falling asleep and then having the rest of the film be fantasy. Three ways, orgies, men rubbing one out on a car window as the two girls fool around, and lots more stuff does down here. Our two leads, one of which being a Ginger Lynn in her prime, are pretty damn hot for 1984 and that makes this one pretty enjoyable.

Everything here looks pretty darn good from an HD side of things. The disc that packs three movies has each movie looking just fine. You don’t get any extras, but who really needs any when you are getting such a nice set of films. I know Vinegar Syndrome said they might release more sets like this if the interest is there and I sure hope they do because I think sets like this are awesome and really cool to have. It is also a great way to get stuff on Blu-ray that you might not otherwise get.