Alone in the Ghost House (2015) Blu-ray Review)

Alone in the Ghost House (2015) Blu-ray Review)
DIRECTED BY: Henrique Couto
STARRING: Adam Scott Clevenger, Henrique Couto, Joni Durian
AVAILABLE FROM Camp Motion Pictures

They dared to stay the night in the most haunted house in America. Not content with her 15 minutes of fame, reality tv star Lana and her husband begin production on a new reality series aimed at dis-proving the paranormal. Setting off on a haunted house road trip, they taunt spirits at each stop until they arrive at The Devil’s Commune, a house mired in tragedy and violence, and considered the most haunted house in America. What they find there will exceed their greatest nightmares.


Well, we’ve found our way to a new “found footage” film. Just when you think we’re out of these movies it seems like we always find more that come along the way. This one is playing off reality TV and also just so happens to be the latest from indie horror director, Henrique Couto. While I did find a few of his films hit and miss, I got to admit that his stuff has grown on me more with his more recent movies and this one continues that trend of being extremely watchable even if it isn’t anywhere near perfect. It has it’s paper thin plot but it also is held together by a small but really good cast that includes the director himself as the cameraman (and a very fun part of the movie) and a de facto lead in the very talented Joni Durian. Who I believe I’ve seen in a Dustin Mills’ movie or two before. Her character is the star of the reality show being filmed and she seems to pretty much be great in the role. There isn’t anyone bad in the cast at all which helps a lot, but she and our director himself are probably the two characters most will be talking about after seeing this for themselves. The ending sort of catches you a little by surprise as well, so I will also give kudos for that. It might be a found footage film but at least the ending isn’t as formatic as the rest of these types of films tend to be.


Outside of the characters and the ending this one sorta goes through some of those typical found footage motions you’re probably used to seeing. We set up who’s who, we hear the legend of the place they are going, and we see some creepy things happen here and there until the final act when the “you know what” finally hits the fan. I wouldn’t call anything we see story wise groundbreaking but you do get the clever ending I spoke of before that sort of feels like it makes the whole viewing experience worth it. Sure, I’d have kinda liked some more blood or something, especially early on, but I never even considered not finishing this one up during one sitting after I hit play on it and started watching it. I think all in all it is more hit than miss and you at least have strong characters around to make the wait for something to happen a lot more bearable than it would have been had they not been as well done. Other than the movie, the Blu-ray also offers up a short silent film from the director. It also has a preview of his next film, as well as a commentary and trailers for other Camp titles.


– Audio commentary with director Henrique Couto
– New Behind the Scenes Featurette
– “Silent Dead” short film
– Sneak Preview “Making Out”
– Trailers

Quality of Transfer: 90%