American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock (2015) (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray/DVD/CD Review)


American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock (2015) (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray/DVD/CD Review)
Directed By: Marcus Koch
Starring: Dan Ellis, Andy Winton, Lillian McKinney
Rated: UR/Region O/Widescreen/1080p/Number of Discs 3
Available from Unearthed Films


A man finds himself trapped and used for medical experiments in an abandoned mental facility. He doesn’t understand why or how he got there, but the surgical tortures allow him to experience a new level of pain, sadness, and reality he has never felt before. As the levels of maniacal mutilation enfold, he finds himself down the rabbit hole. Grasping onto anything, the tormented finds a way out. Clutching onto what every human being is desperate for…little does he understand, his ending is all of our endings.


I want to start off here by saying that actor Dan Ellis is a national treasure. I’ve been a fan of this dude ever since Gutter Balls, but you need to see Mr. Ellis in something like this to really show you what the man can do. While I’m sure most of you will be popping a movie like Bloodshock into your Blu-ray players for the gore (more on that later), Danny really shows us something here and I believe his performance is what makes this movie. You don’t get a whole lot of dialogue in this one and as a result, you have to use expressions and such to get someone invested. Danny does just that. Also, I’ll give props to his co-star here as well, Lillian McKinney. This is the first time I’ve seen here but I feel it won’t be the last. Now, since I’ve blown my fuse here telling you about the actors already, I should probably tell you more about the second American Guinea Pig movie, American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock. This isn’t a movie that gives you everything up front. All we really know for the most of the movie is we have some crazy doctor somewhere with some people working for him and he has Danny Ellis’ character held hostage and doing all sorts of crazy stuff to him. Then we see he has someone else there as well. Then we see what he’s doing with their blood and so on and so forth. I probably wouldn’t call the plot the strong point of this one, then again it was only a first-time view. Everything else about it I would praise certainly after just seeing it once.

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With Marcus Koch directing and doing the effects you knew the gore was going to be here and it is. If you’ve come to a Guinea Pig movie looking for some hardcore stuff in the gore department you came to the right place. While you might have expected that, you may not have expected the more arts side of things you also get with this film. From the black and white to the grand finale, you are seeing gore basically being used as art here onscreen. Will everyone get that or like that? Probably not, but I really do appreciate it. This isn’t a mindless film. You might miss that if you aren’t able to look through the guts and gore but it isn’t a film with no mind behind the madness. Sure, most the film is gore filled shot after gore filled shot. People are cut open, teeth are yanked out, and other awful things that really show the work that was put into the effects side of things, but there is more here. I won’t spoil anything but the credit sequence is a real kick to the gut for anyone that gets invested in the film. I’m not sure if what is implied is equally as clever as it can be cruel to the viewer but it only goes to make the point that there is more here than we know. The beef of the plot seems as simple as a crazy doctor doing crazy stuff to people but that credit sequence makes me think perhaps I missed something and it isn’t as clear cut as I thought it was while watching. Bottom line is this, if you want gore you’ll get all that you want and then some. Most might not be looking for much more than that but if you are I think the artsy side is there as well hidden within the splatter.



– Commentary with Marcus Koch & Stephen Biro
– Commentary with Andy Winton, Gene Palubicki, & Alberto Giovannelli
– Biro’s Bloodshock Intro
– Production Videos
– Days of the Dead Atlanta 2016 Q&A
– Marcus Koch Interview
– Stephen Biro interview
– Dan Ellis Interview
– Lillian McKinney Interview
– Bloodshock: Deconstruction Featurette
– Bloodshock: Behind the Scenes
– CD Soundtrack
– Booklet

Quality of Transfer: 90%





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