Animals (2012) (DVD Review)


Animals (2012) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Marçal Forés
Starring: Oriol Pla, Augustus Prew, Dimitri Leonidas
Rated: UR/Region: 1/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1
Available from Artsploitation Films


Pol is a teenager with a seemingly calm life. He lives with his brother, and is still in high school. However, Pol has a secret: Deerhoof, a cuddly teddy bear who thinks, moves around, and with whom he shares his best moments. Life goes on as normal until the arrival of Ikari, an enigmatic student who seems to be hiding something. Pol is fascinated by his new classmate and attracted to the dark side he harbors. An inexplicable death and a series of strange events will transform the meek student’s routine into a fantastic adventure, which will take over their lives.


Animals is a strange movie and I say that with the best of meaning behind it. There was a time period where I went out of my way to find movies just like Animals. Somewhere in the mix of Donnie Darkos and The Chumscrubbers of the world is where you’ll find a movie just like Animals. It is a weird and odd movie, but it is also a coming of age movie in a lot of ways. It is an art film, but it has a point. This isn’t just a tale of a boy talking to a stuffed bear that speaks English when most everyone else in the movie doesn’t. It is a movie that has the type of content to it that you probably could spend an hour or more in a class just to learn about what it was trying to say overall as a film. That is what makes the selling point for the movie and that is also what might be a turn off as well for some who just simply won’t get it. That isn’t the fault of the movie, it just isn’t a broad type of flick. I do think people who get it will enjoy it perhaps way more than your average movie watcher who is more accustomed to bigger Hollywood flicks. So, this is more for the folks who enjoy a good artsy film from time to time.



There is some rather out of nowhere twists and turns in this movie. There are some stuff that really does catch you off guard, and even now as I type this, I’m still not sure I fully get all of the movie. Still, I got enough of it to like it overall and say that I think you should watch it. I dug the Teddy Bear side of things and I really do wish we had gotten even more of that, as you’d expect a bit more of the bear than we end up with at the end. It still makes for a fun and strange watch. There is a whole lot going on here and our lead isn’t the most normal guy you’ve ever seen on-screen, making the whole movie as unpredictable as you could have hoped for. If you like art house films, then it should come as not surprise that this release from Artsploitation Films will be something you will be more than content with.



– Making of featurette
– The Bear Truth – a short film
– Animals – a short film by Marcal Fores
– Audio commentary with Director Marcal Fores and Travis Crawford
– 8-page collectible booklet
– Official Animals Trailer, Trailers