Basket Case 3 (1991) (DVD Review)

Basket Case 3 (1991)
Director:  Frank Henenlotter
Where to get it: Synapse

The saga of Times Square Freak Twins Duane and Belail Bradley takes its most bizarre twist yet. It all starts innocently enough when the Bradley boys join kindly doctor Granny Ruth and her family of unique individuals for a road trip through the deep South.. The occasion – Belail’s about to become a proud monster father – and no basket is big enough to hold this ungodly brood! But when a pair of warped sheriff’s deputies kidnaps Belai’s babies Granny Ruth and the family strike back. Belial single handedly decimates the local police station with crazed, Terminator like fury – and that’s just the beginning. Threatened with the loss of the newest additions to their family, Granny Ruth and the others concoct a delicious revenge against their enemies, climaxing in Belial’s futuristic one-on-one with the town Sheriff.

If you look within the Basket Case trilogy you will be hard pressed for whatever reason to find someone who speaks highly of the third film. While the movie does take more of a comedic route, much like the previous installment, I don’t find it a total waste at all.  As a matter of fact I think I enjoyed this film much more than the average horror fan, but maybe that is because it plays more to my comedic taste. There are some subtle comedy moments in this film. And when that is mixed with the outrageous plot and characters I don’t think it is possible for me to get bored.

And while actual horror might be hard to find, we do have some gore. We have a police station massacre that comes to mind as a good way for us to soil our gore needing oats. Heads are twisted, faces are bitten off, and still I hear some complain of a lack of gore? It isn’t anything pretty overall, but I still found it fun and a fitting way to end the story that really took this turn on the previous film. If you are a hardcore Henenlotter fan you will be happy overall with this one. I just wish we had more along the lines of special features. But the movie isn’t as horrible as some like to proclaim.



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