Bettie Page: Dark Angel (2004) (Blu-ray Review)

Bettie Page: Dark Angel (2004)
Director: Nico B.
Where to get it: Cult Epics

Bettie Page was America’s number one pin-up girl in the 1950s and became a cult icon. This biopic tells the story of the last 3 years of her short-lived career, recreating the incriminating bondage films which gave her the nickname “Dark Angel”, and led to her mysterious disappearance.

In this film Paige Richards takes on the role of the infamous Bettie Page. A provocative figure that came around during a time when you didn’t see very much in the form of sex appeal. And this film does dive right into the last few years of that infamous career she had. And it’s an interesting trip for the most part. We see what this person had to deal with, the inner workings of the industry, and if anyone was ever a fan of Bettie Page I’m sure they will find themselves right at home while watching this unfold.

The film is originally a low budget venture from 2004. It’s not as much a flashy or vivid transfer of the film here in it’s Blu-ray form, but it’s very acceptable. It looks nice overall and has what I’d call good sound. I’m not an overall sound expert or anything of that nature, but I do know I was at least pleased with it. Plus, I’m always a fan of seeing women spank each other. So if you dig that, you’ll want to see this. It also comes with some cool special features you’ll want to check out.