Bikini Spring Break (2012) (DVD Review)

Bikini Spring Break (2012)
Director: Jared Cohn
Where to get it: The Asylum

A group of coeds from a small conservative college break out of their shells when their marching band bus breaks down in Ft. Lauderdale during Spring Break. This also stars David Michael Latt from Revenge of the Nerds. It’s a damn shame I didn’t have this movie when I went to the Nashville Full Moon Horror Convention, I’m sure he would have loved signing it. It’s also a shame the girls from the movie wasn’t there. They are nice to look at.

If you are alone late at night with nobody around and bottle of lotion, Asylum has just the movie for you! Bikini Spring Break doesn’t bring us a mesmerizing story and character development. It doesn’t really do anything bad either; it just is what it is. And what we have here is a gun-ho T and A show. There is a reason that one of the very first shots we see when this thing opens is a naked pair of breast. Nobody here is trying to make this look like something it isn’t and they know just who their audience is. And good news, America, if the maturing youth gets their hands on this one they’ll have something to help them mature a little faster. If this movie ends up in your house and you have a teenage boy, just go ahead and toss away any stray socks you find laying around.

If you don’t anymore real detail with what this one brings to the table I’m afraid there isn’t a lot I can say. Our girls end up in a jam trying to get to a competition in Florida. This leads to them ending up very odd and sexual situations which in return lead to some gratuitous shots of all their lovely lady parts. It’s all in good fun, nothing malicious is intended, and so if you look at it as just that you should have a good time with it. I can also say that the women aren’t the only things that look good here; it also looks good in general with its bright and sunny Florida setting. They say don’t judge anything by the cover. I’m here to tell you that doing just that is fine and dandy here with this movie. Just take a look at the cover, if you like that and want to see more of that, then this one is for you.