Bleeding Through (2012) (DVD Review)


Bleeding Through (2012) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Henrique Couto
Starring: Sandy Behre, Ruby LaRocca, Andrew N. Shearer
Rated: UR/Region: 0/16×9/Number of dics: 1
Available from Alternative Cinema


After losing her parents in a brutal car accident Lindsey finds her depression and life spiraling out of control. As she comes to terms with what her life is and who she is things become to great and she leads herself down the road to suicide. When she finally commits the act she wakes up in the bathtub with blood everywhere but no wounds to be found… She silently picks herself up and seeks violent and bloody revenge on all of those who wrong her.


While a very realistic case could be made about all the reasons Bleeding Through isn’t a perfect film, I think a better case could be made for why it’s just fine and acceptable for what it is and what was used to make it. At the heart here we have a bit of a character study about a very depressed girl that needs help but instead runs across more trouble at just about every angle. And as luck would have it and just like in real life usually, when things start to look up they just get even worse. This of course is when our lead snaps in our final portion of the film and goes on a rampage. A rampage that if it were not for one seemingly uncalled for kill would have placed our lead in a more sympathetic light and probably found more of the audience rooting for her. But things can’t always be perfect and a body count does need to be high even if people are killed that probably shouldn’t have been.

Our acting is very strong for an indie film. We won’t let the indie label of the film short change our females here at all. Both Sandy Behre and Ruby Larocca do awesome jobs in their roles. Sandy plays a character that is very awkward and that awkwardness does come through in spades. I just think during one scene she seems to come out of her cocoon a little soon soon-ish. But since some scenes slightly do drag before, maybe it is best we just go with what we are given and not dare risk anymore dragging. At the end of the day, I believe we got an artsy film of sorts that many could appreciate. The attractive lead will of course keep the more parent’s basement demographic of the audience tuned in and it is worth staying tuned in.


– Feature Commentary with Director Henrique Couto and Star Sandy Behre
– Behind the Scenes Featurette
– World Premiere Featurette
– Extended and Deleted Scenes
– Trailers