Blood Punch (2013) (DVD Review)


Blood Punch (2013) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Madellaine Paxson
Starring: Milo Cawthorne, Olivia Tennet, Ari Boyland
Rated: UR/Region: 1/Widescreen/Number of discs: 1
Available from Midnight Releasing


On the promise of the ultimate drug score, brilliant chemistry student Milton breaks out of court mandated rehab to follow the mysterious and seductive Skylar and her boyfriend, Russell, to an isolated hunting lodge, where they intend to produce enough meth to set them up for life. Caught in the middle of a love-triangle, Milton and Skylar murder Russell, burying his body in the woods. The next morning they are horrified to find him alive and well, with no memory of the day before. Forced into an endless cycle of death, carnage, and mayhem, Milton is desperate for answers and a way out. But the truth is more horrifying than he could have ever imagined, nothing is as it seems, and there is no one to trust–least of all himself.


Blood Punch is a little bit Breaking Bad, a little bit of..well, it is hard to put into words, because Blood Punch is just mostly different. And different goes a long way, especially in today’s straight to dvd world where most movies seem to look nice, but lack and real hook or fun to them. Blood Punch isn’t perfect, but it IS fun. It also gives us a couple leads that work really well together and make you want to finish things out because they do such a fun and good job while on-screen together. Creativity also goes a long way and people just seem to find it extremely creative. I liked it and I found it unique, even if I wasn’t as blown away by it as most who I’ve talked to about it seem to be. I think I would have liked a little more sizzle with the steak (a few dragging spots here and there), even if the full coarse meal that was being offered up wasn’t the same ol’ same ol’ most of the others offer. I do appreciate a good twist, however, and if nothing else, this one has a few of those sprinkled in a long the way to keep the viewer on their toes.



As snobby it as it might sound (I AM a reviewer after all, it comes with the job), I think my main issue with this one is there are times it seems that the film tries to get a little too cute. Like they realize they are on to something cool and just overly try to milk it for a bit too long. You can tell when something just think its poop doesn’t stank and the movie might be at fault for believing its own hype a bit too much in spots. Still, you end up with far more good than you do bad here. The story is strong enough to weather any rocky portions of the film that might come along and above all we have interesting people, even if the overall likability of some might come into question. You at least will walk away from it feeling like you didn’t waste your time on what is basically the same movie we’ve seen over and over again. I appreciate anything that feels different and because of that I appreciate Blood Punch, even if I’m not totally in love with it.



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