Blue Money (1972) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

Blue Money (1972) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)
Directed By: Alain Patrick
Starring: Alain Patrick, Barbara Mills, Inga Maria
Rated: UR/Region O/1:85/1080p/Number of Discs 2
Available from Vinegar Syndrome

Handsome and successful Jim appears to have it all: he’s married to the beautiful and supportive Lisa, has a healthy baby, and works a cool gig as the director of hardcore porno fare. Jim’s seemingly perfect life starts to fall apart when he has an extramarital fling with an actress and the local Los Angeles vice cops close in to make a bust.

Before you have Boogie Night you had Blue Money! In this film we follow porn director Jim as he’s being followed by the cops, directing a porn movie, and having a bit of a fling. I figured the movie would be along the lines of a porn or a soft-core film heading into it, but realised pretty soon then while the T and A is still here, the movie is actually a plot driven film about the ins and outs of a porn director. There’s some romance, some of him being ripped off by people in the business, and like I said we have the whole deal with the cops following him around as well. I don’t know if I’d call the story the most interesting story I’ve ever seen, but it still holds you around enough to at least want to wait and see how things play out. It has the late 60’s/early 70’s vibe it and that at least adds some mood to the whole thing.

So, basically the whole plot of the movie has to do with Jim wanting a boat, so he makes what he makes for that. We watch a rise and a bit of a fall for the guy come into play here. This was a time when porn wasn’t really legal and that is why he has such issues with the cops. We watch him do well, then do bad, and just when it seems he’s getting things back on the good side other things happen. Blue Money might not be MY type of film but I didn’t by any means hate it. I will say this much for it, if you’ve seen it before on some DVD or DVD set and liked it, then you’ll want to own this version of it. Vinegar Syndrome has knocked this one out of the park again as far as transfers and extras go. The movie looks GREAT and if you’ve seen any screen cap of how this one looked before you’ll be all the more impressed with what you get here in this semi-sluggish drama about the early days of porn.


– Region free Blu-ray/DVD combo pack
– All extras on both Blu-ray and DVD
– Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original camera negative
– “Making Blue Money” video interview with Producer Bob Chinn
– Original theatrical trailer
– Promotional still gallery
– Reversible cover artwork
– English SDH Subtitles
– Bonus feature: THE AFFAIRS OF APHRODITE (1970) (Directed by Alain Patrick)
The bonus film, The Affairs of Aphrodite, is another film by Blue Money director, Alain Patrick. It was a movie that came out two years before Blue Money and stars Antoinette Maynard, Luanne Roberts, and Walt Phillips. The plot for this one goes as follows: The god Antiochus purchases a female slave for the gods Aphrodite and her brother Apollo. She is not only to perform the expected duties of a slave but is also to take part in the depraved sexual activities the two gods constantly engage in. What they don’t know is that the slave is actually Sappho, the exiled Cretan queen. They buy another female slave, Katanga, and take them back to their home on Mount Olympus. When young Paris, who is in love with Sappho, hears about it, he shows up at Mount Olympus to try to rescue her, but fails and is taken prisoner by Aphrodite and Apollo, who use him in their perverted sexual games. Paris and Sappho seemingly go along with them but are actually plotting their escape. Complications ensue. The movie here looks good if you can get passed the damaged that is still on the film. It has some lines all over it, but underneath that damage is still a good looking film. I’ve attached five pictures from the film at the bottom here under the five Blue Money pics.

Quality of Transfer: 97%