Bonehill Road (2018) (DVD REVIEW)

Bonehill Road (2018) (DVD REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Todd Sheets
STARRING: Linnea Quigley, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, David McMahon
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

Emily and Eden Stevens escape a violent domestic abuse situation only to stumble into another. Terrified and alone, they are stranded in the woods, hunted by a werewolf. When they find shelter in a nearby home, things only get worse. They must work together to get out alive as a family of werewolves, and a deranged serial killer, close in for the kill.

I want to say right up front here that I’m very happy for long time indie director Todd Sheets. It’s cool to see a guy who made shot on video movies have a movie in Walmart. So kudos to him! But how is the movie in question? Well, things get a little more complicated when talking about Bonehill Road. Yes, we have on our hands a werewolf movie and if the whole movie was like the last act of the film we’d be pretty well off with what we get here and it would totally be an instant classic for indie horror. Instead, the movie offers up some weird story about a crazy person in the middle to mix things up and I feel instead of just adding a new element to the story it slows the story down. It also doesn’t help that the crazy character in question isn’t the world’s best actor. That’s usually something I never mention or even talk about, so if it bugs me here that should tell you how noticeable it is.

We also have the somber little musical number playing as the movie ends to a little montage that feels forced and out of place, but let’s not even worry about that. Besides all that, what we do have here is a pretty cool werewolf movie when the werewolves are actually the focus of the film and stalking people. When we have gore the gore is really good and I think that does a good job of picking up some of the slack along the way. We’re not dealing with The Howling here by any means and some creative bad ideas aside, Bonehill Road is a watchable movie and offers up some nice gore and cool looking werewolves that make the film when they are the main focus of the film.


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