Buddies (1985) (BLU-RAY/DVD REVIEW)

Buddies (1985) (BLU-RAY/DVD REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Arthur J. Bressan Jr.
STARRING: Geoff Edholm, David Schachter, Damon Hairston

David (David Schachter), a naive graduate student, has volunteered to work as a ‘buddy’ for people dying of AIDS. Assigned to the intensely political Robert (Geoff Edholm), a lifelong activist whose friends and family have abandoned him following his diagnosis, the two men, each with notably different worldviews, soon discover common bonds, as David’s inner activist awakens and Robert’s need for emotional release is fulfilled.

At a quick glance, you might not expect a movie like Buddies to be one that would win over a site that primarily reviews horror and sleaze films, but that isn’t the case. Buddies takes us on a journey that happens during the biggest peak of the AIDS crisis and while it was probably a more taboo issue then still gives us an unconventional tale that packs an interesting story and a lot of heart as well. While there isn’t anything flashy here to really wow you with bells and whistles, the movie is told in a simple and effective way with two great actors making it work. You’ll want to keep watching to see what happens because you will start to feel bad and such for our characters regardless of their situation.

You go into a movie like Buddies expecting things to get a bit heavy and that is what happens. You perhaps don’t expect to actually care about the characters and that ends up being exactly what happens. So if you think Buddies might not be for you, you might be surprised by how interesting it turns out to actually be. It sends a few messages along the way as well. All in the all, Buddies is better than you probably expect and as you can see with the screenshots looks pretty good as well.


– Region free Blu-ray/DVD combo
– Newly scanned and restored in 2k from 16mm camera negative
– Video interview with Co-Star David Schachter
– Video interview with Film Historian Thomas Waugh
– Original theatrical trailer
– Archival still/production article gallery
– Reversible cover artwork
– English SDH subtitles