Bullhead (2011) (Blu-ray Review)

Bullhead (2011)
Directed By: Michael R. Roskam
Where to get it: Image Entertainment/Draft House

The young Limburg cattle farmer Jacky Vanmarsenille is approached by an unscrupulous veterinarian to make a shady deal with a notorious West-Flemish beef trader. But the assassination of a federal policeman, and an unexpected confrontation with a mysterious secret from Jacky’s past, set in motion a chain of events with far-reaching consequences. BULLHEAD is an exciting tragedy about fate, lost innocence and friendship, about crime and punishment, but also about conflicting desires and the irreversibility of a man’s destiny.

What we have here is a very well made look at the meat sellers of the world. It’s a dark look at it in a way I have never seen before. And rounding this whole take of steroids, livestock, and the death of a cop, is some great acting that keeps you interested for the slower portions of the film. The star of the show is clearly the lead. Matthias Schoenaerts as Jacky Vanmarsenille is really a sight to see for all movie lovers. He brings to life a character with a very interesting (and squeamish) background. His character isn’t all good, but he isn’t all bad by any means either. He’s really a sympathetic character. He’s one of the few characters here that are on the sympathetic side. His strong performance holds up a very strong story.

The movie does have a bit of an ending that might not sit well with some. I get why it goes like it goes, but I do kind of wish they had went about it in a much more fitting way. The movie it’s self is well worth a watch. The picture here is a nice and crisp giving up very fine detail in even some darker areas. The audio is also done really well and it all works together to make for a very nice visual experience, capturing the darker mood of the film.  Bullhead isn’t packed with bells and whistles, but it’s good for what it is overall.


  • The Making of BULLHEAD
  • Interview with star Matthias Schoenaerts
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Commentary with Director Michaël R. Roskam
  • Interview with Michaël R. Roskam
  • THE ONE THING TO DO: Roskam’s 2005 Short Film starring Matthias Schoenaerts