Cannibal Messiah (2016) (DVD Review)

Cannibal Messiah (2016) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Crippler Criss, Master W.
Starring: Jim Aal, Bemo B., Sebastian Badenberg
Rated: UR/Region: 0/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1
Available From SRS Cinema

Cannibal Messiah follows the journey of documentary film makers, Crippler Cris and Master W of P.S.Y.C.H.O Productions and The Pathfinder, a man with a revenge mission against a cannibal cult in the woods of Germany. After torturing a woodland hermit for information on the cult, the three travel deep into the woods. Things go wrong quickly as Master W turns against his companions and ends up among the cannibals. Will Master W and Crippler Criss eventually make it out of those woods? Will the Pathfinder get his revenge? And what is the deal with the mysterious videotapes that a mysterious figure keeps delivering to them, tapes that give them horrible insights into their own futures?

Having seen The Secret of the Magic Mushrooms and lived to tell about it, I was somewhat ready for what I was getting when I popped in Crippler Criss and Master W.’s Cannibal Messiah. If you go into this one it is best to be prepared to toss logic out the window and be ready for a very bloody, but also very goofy time in front of your DVD player. A movie made by our two weirdos leads them into trouble as they are forced to find out info on what happened to someone’s brother and it leads them face to face with cannibals in the jungle. Which seems simple enough but this one is done in such a style that it mixes German splatter with severl other weird sub-genre’s to makeup the feel of this movie. It is a very Troma-ish feel but it might even go even a little more subreal at times as well.

I’ll admit to it, I can be a very immature man at times and as a result the delivery and some of the stuff said by the folks in this movie did make me laugh a time or two. I don’t think I really cared that much for how “far out” the movie is, but I do like the blood and that can go a long way with me as well. If you have seen The Secret of the Magic Mushrooms, then odds are you will at least like what you get here a little bit. If not, then run away as fast as you can from this. I enjoyed it enough for what it was, but even that being the case I honestly can’t tell you when I’ll be taking another look at this one ever again after this first viewing.


– English, Spanish, French & German Subtitles
– Shooting Diary